Chi is Revolutionizing the Industry.


Chi has recently introduced the “Chi Enviro American Smoothing Treatment” to the Beauty Industry. With all the hype of Formaldehyde in The Brazilian Blowout, Chi has created a smoothing treatment that instead of Formaldehyde its formulated with Amino Acids, silk, pearl and proteins. This treatment can last up to 4 months, and unlike others , the more you get the treatment done, the better your hair feels.

chi image 1

Who doesn’t want silky smooth and shiny hair? I know with previous products you had to create separate appointments, weeks apart because you couldn’t color your hair or even highlight your hair and do the smoothing treatment in the same day, you’d fry your hair. The Chi Enviro Smoothing Treatment allows you to color your hair and do the treatment with no unnecessary damage. How cool is that? Its basically like a deep conditioning treatment with smoothing powers.

A gal at my previous salon did one of these treatments on a gal who has Platinum blonde hair, her cuticle is so blown out that it is fuzzy from damage and her natural curl.  The results were incredible. [I know I sound like a paid programming] Chi Enviro eliminates up to 95% of frizz, it all depends on the hair type and if its applied correctly.


I use to be afraid of the smoothing treatments because in beauty school they make them sound so scary and harsh that they can easily break your hair [which is true] except for this one. Lets schedule and appointment to better your hair!

Hair of the Day!

It’s been alittle under a year since I’ve moved to Central Oregon. I have offically started at  a new salon. I started in Bend at a beautiful upscale salon, and decided it was time to move to a salon closer to home. Today was my first day and I have never felt so at home.


I have a hard time remembering this is the same person that sat down in my chair. We still want to add a few more highlights to the top to brighten it just alittle. But goodness her hair turned out phenominal.

Nape color/lowlight: 33/64=4n=10vol
Highlight: 10vol blondor

Before and After





Thats right. This lovely lady came in on Saturday, and decided that she wanted to add some darker lowlights.



Hair of the Day!


This beautiful blonde, I also love to call my mother!! She came to visit me so I could do her hair. (obviously to see me as well)

Highlights: 1. 12.0 2x 30vol
            2. 8.3=20vol 
Alternating slice and weave with a no part weave

Before and after:


Candy Apples



Everybody loves their candy apples. Some love the classic cinnamon and some like to modernize with flavors that range from Green Apple Jolly Ranchers to Butterscotch. My family likes to stick to the simply classic cinnamon candy apple.

1 1/2 C Pure Granulated Sugar
3/4 C Light Corn Syrup
1/8 C water
Candy (Personal Preference)
4 Fuji Apples
4 popsicle sticks

How To: 
Combine Sugar, Corn Syrup,water, and candy and heat on Med/low. Heat the mixture slowly to prevent scortching the sugar.
Stir continuoulsy until the mixture is completely dissolved( Will turn clear) 
Clean the Fuji apples with soap and water to remove the waxy film and stick popsicle sticks in the top
Heat mixture until desired temp. 
Soft Crack 270-290F 
Hard Crack 295-310F
Turn off heat and allow candy to thicken 
Roll apples in candy and mixture and place on wax paper, then allow time to cool.  


the final

Candy apples are extremly difficult to eat once completely hardened. It is definitley an art that I have yet to master. Till next time!!

Hair of the Day!


This lovely gal who is new to the area from the east coast, is helping take care of family who is in need. much needed haircut.



I love what I do because I get the pleasure to meet wonderful people all day long. I love getting to know them with just the little bit of time we have together!

Base: 8n=20vol 
Nape/lowlight: 6ac=20vol
Highlight: 20vol blondor

Before and After:




Fall colors are making a come back this year and they are more beautiful then ever!





This Walla Walla native, has been looking for a hairstylist that wouldn’t damage her hair. She loves the fall carmels, toffee, butterscotch and more of the lighter browns. So I added some depth with a base color and lowlights and toned the blonde to create a beautiful warm brown.

Base/lowlight: 5ac=10vol
Toner: 6nb=7nb=p.solution

Before and After:



“I never wanted to be blonde, I must of just communicated poorly”



Hair of the Day!


This beautiful momma deserved alittle bit of love today. Her family is going through a lot right now.


Highlights: 30vol blondor w/olaplex
Nape: 30vol blondor w/olaplex
Panel: 4nw=7vol
Toner: Shades EQ 9V

This sweet Peach decided it was time to take off some inches just like momma (Goldilocks)

“I just want to cut off the tangles”

Yes… can you believe it? This is the same little 4 yearold!!

Hair of the day!


This beautiful women took the plunge and went completely dark! Its been 10 years since she has had dark hair! Its fall, why not??

Base to end: 4ac=10vol
Balyage:20vol blondor

Before and After: (all 3 steps)


Hair of the Day. #bobsforfall


PhotoGrid_1413603824371Goldilocks said goodbye to her locks today! She needed a change. We added more lowlights and took a good 6″ off in the back. She needed a boost and she got it.


This wonderful mother of 2 had a ton of hair and she wanted life to be a little bit easier. I cut off more then 6 inches and could not believe it took her this long to part with her locks. She’s never had short hair and couldn’t be happier.

Before and After:



Reliving day 1 on day 365



Boo surprised me with the whole weekend reliving almost every detail of our first date. He picked me up in his grandfathers 32 ford pickup, with beautiful elegant red roses, took me to Bi-Zi Farms Pumpkin Patch and then took me to a beautiful dinner! I am the luckiest girl in the world. Happy Anniversary baby.





DSCF4220 joinedDSCF4236

DSCF4254DSCF4262 copyDSCF4266joined

Cheers to our first year together! Now to the rest of Infinity



Calamari is one of those “MUST HAVES” when you go on a nice dinner date.


(Thats the clearest Long Island Ice Tea that I’ve ever seen)DSCF4279joined

We ended the night taking the 3 hour trek home to Redmond Oregon.

Fall at my house!



Alright so I might of had fall up since August… sue me. ( In my defense, its only because we got a new table and I was to anxious to decorate it.  Since this is my first house/ apartment I don’t have very many decorations, and I have been collecting as I have been going. A little here and a little there.   fall2

My favorite thing about fall is hands down the scents. The pumpkins, the fall harvests and all of the bakery scents. When I come home and candles are lit and the fall colors nourish my surroundings I feel like I belong there.


fall3 fall4

I guess I was just born to be a fall princess.