Hair of the Day!!




This girl has the biggest smile I have ever seen!! She has been competing in gymnastics now for 4 years and has so much life ahead of her! HOw exciting to get started in a wonderful sport so young and be so talented!! She wanted some highlights that would show in her ponytail as well as when she wears her hair down!!

Highlight: 10vol Blondor

I played alittle bit with before and afters, when its dark outside the salon, the incandescent lighting inside makes every haircolor warmer then the actual tone. So I tried to see what made the color look its best. With flash gives me truer color and without flash gives me the truer softness.

Before and After:

With flash


With Flash


Without flash


Without flash



As you can see, the lighting affects almost everything. It affects color as well as texture.


Hair of the Day!



This lovely Highschool teacher is in the process of growing her previous “Pixie Cut” out!! After doing her mother inlaw’s hair, we’ve found that it really is a small world. Our husbands work together!

1. 10 vol Blondor
2. 7/0 = /33 = 10vol
3. 5/46 = 10vol

Before and After:




Hair of the Day!



I had the pleasure doing this beautiful womens hair today! She hadn’t had her hair done since May!!!  She was in need of a change. We took a good 6 inches off of length and did a super fine weave to not only blend her natural highlights but to give it a natural look!! Unfortunately this was one of those mornings where I forgot to take a before picture (It happens) but if you follow for next time you’ll get a before and after!!

Hair of the Day!


This sweet girl has such a big heart and is so full of life! I can’t wait to see where her life take her!

We took a good 5 inches off in length and brought her a few shades lighter.

30vol blondor w/olaplex (Midstrand to end)
7/1 = 4vol all over

Before and After:


“Pallets of Fun”



After what felt like pulling teeth, my girl DeLeone got me to finally sign up for this pallet making class. I’d been struggling with lack of human contact (outside of work) so DeLeone convinced me to do this with her.

Her words:

“We can learn to make signs for our weddings..”

3 hour long classes on Fridays at 630, okay yes I can do that. 1st week we went and had so much fun we didn’t want to leave. Before class we went to Albertsons got prepackaged containers with cut up celery, carrots, hummus, turkey, cheese and pretzels and hung out before class and ate them as dinner. Class 2 was canceled unfortunatly because of the white flurry stuff that fell and stuck. So Class 3 was a 2 hour class and because DeLeone and I both came from other appointments so we were both running behind, and so she picked up the snacks and we ate while we worked!!



Photocredit: Katie the Class Instructor

My NEWest Find!!



My girl DeLeone invited me to go with her to an Open house at a local Bakery/florist. We had a blast getting to know the locals and trying their tasty cupcakes. What I also loved, was there was a doTerra Rep there, and for those of you who don’t know who or what doTerra is, its commonly known for its essential oils. doTerra is about health and wellness. I’ve heard about these oils before and I’ve tried them briefly. My first experience was a null in void and the second experience wasn’t a very pleasant one. Talking with the rep at the Open house, she explained to me that some oils are too strong or not strong enough and in my only Experiences I happened to not get the right blend. After talking with her and doing her Compass Body Scan, she said that I would benefit from Peppermint and Lavender as well as the Women Phytoestrogen to help balance my hormones. Toward the end of the little session I started flipping through the Retail guide and noticed for $27 a Beginners Kit that had both the Peppermint and Lavender oil but also Lemon. (The lemon is a great water additive to help detox the body) So I went ahead and took her advice to try the simple oils before I try the actual blends.

I will say the Lemon is wonderful in water, so refreshing and you don’t get that with actual lemon when your trying to beat around the bitter Rind flavor. The peppermint feels like icy hot, I had a little bit of a tension headache earlier today and I rubbed a drop on the back of my neck and my temples and my headache mellowed out within an hour. Last night before bed I rubbed a drop of lavender on my wrists, and when I sleep I wrap my arms around a pillow putting my wrists very close to my face, I was out in a matter of seconds.

Seeing as I’ve only had these for about 24 hours, I will update you in about 30 days letting you know how I am adjusting or how I’ve changed.

Thanks so much for reading!!!!


Warriors In Pink.


Hey everyone!!

This is Fords 20th year in the Fight against Breast Cancer.  They have created a full line of “Warriors In Pink” for the cause. They range from women’s clothing, to men’s as well as children.

warrior 4 & 5

There are 2 elements in the fight against Breast cancer, 1 awareness and 2 raising the funds for the research. Ford has put both the aspects together, designing their clothing around different designs to keep Breast Cancer at the top of everyone’s minds while donating 100% of the net proceeds to the foundation of your choice.


Foundations Available:

  • Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation
  • YSC Young Survival Coalition
  • Susan G. Komen
  • The Pink Fund


Everyone always asks you to donate money to foundations. I think that Ford has done a wonderful thing putting a good cause behind some fashionable items.

Buy your scarf today and help fight the cause

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Snow Day in Central Oregon


Good Evening my beautiful followers!!!

This is what we woke up to yesterday morning!! Yikes! ( sorry about the picture quality) I’m from Battle Ground, we don’t get snow like this. When it snows in the Portland Metro Area the whole town shuts down, even if it’s only a centimeter deep. In Central Oregon it’s completely different.

For a city that gets snow frequently, and for knowing about this storm for about 2 weeks, it wasn’t as prepared as I expected it to be.  With that said, many kids and adults got a few snow days. We were forecasted for 2-4 inches of snow Wednesday night and with in an hour the estimated accumulation grew to 8-10 inches over night.  For 48 hours this is the view from my front door.


This is what we woke up to this morning! How crazy. But being day two, I needed to attempt to get to work. So with that being said, my wonderful Fiance Mr. Boo Merrill took me to work.  When we got there, all of my clients canceled. I hung out for a few minutes and caught the salon up on laundry and did a little bit of deep cleaning. 20141114_101028


After an hour or so being at the salon with no clients and no extra stylist Mr. Boo picked me back up and we went home to play in the snow.



Oh the snow angels were cold.


We only lasted 5 minutes.



I haven’t had snow gear since I was 10.  Adjusting is the key factor in growing up. My hunting gear was the closest I had to wear in the snow.

Oh for the day its all gone.



Too adorable not to share


The Scentsy Nutcracker warmer set. The Medium size warmer (pictured in the back) is a 3 piece warmer. In the set they send you a matching ornament (Pictured in front). Like I said Way too adorable not to share.

The Nutcrackers are symbolic in my family. My grandfather collected nutcrackers and when he passed, they got split up between the family members. Having nutcrackers around at the holidays, gives us one more thing to remember him by as well as making the holidays feel whole.

Happy Holidays from TEAM MERRILL!