Newest addition to the family!

Over the weekend of my birthday Mr. Boo got me a sewing machine! Well it was a dud. It took weeks of frustrating time to figure it out. I thought I would never catch on. But instead I found out it was broken!! So I exchanged it and came home with a brand new beauty! k2-_241d0361-bcb4-4e68-8aff-34bf26a8402f.v1Life ccouldn’t be any easier! (: so in love with my new toy!!! Hope you get to see projects soon!!!


Hair of the day!

Okay so it’s more hair of the month… But I don’t have a category for that!! So here are a few great looks from the past month that have yet to make it on here!!!

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Before and Afters:

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Some of these changes are incredibly drastic, and they are real. Its never too late to switch up your style!