Meet Miss. Paisley

Hey Everyone! I’d like you to meet the newest family member of the Merrill Clan. Her name is Paisley Pie Martin Merrill and she is a lab/heeler mix! We got her at 8 weeks old which puts her birth date around February 22nd. If you know Mr. Boo and I at all, you know our birthdays are the 21st and 23rd of February! Her birthday is just more proof that she belongs with us!

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Above are pictures from our first weekend together! It was opening weekend for fishing and so we brought her a long! She had such a good time I almost felt bad when it was time to go home!


Miss. Paisley loves to play with her toys, she loves to sleep, she loves to eat, she cuddles a lot, and she loves to run. (Like most normal puppies right? haha) At 9 weeks old Miss. Paisley is potty trained, she responds to “NO” and “COME”, she sits,50% of the time she shakes and she is learning to love her kennel! We couldn’t be more proud of Miss. Paisley and how far she has already come, we are so excited to see her progress in another 2 weeks or so!!


Everyone makes fun of me for the “first time parent syndrome”. It is true, I never really had a dog growing up! I’ve grown up with cats but they are so different they aren’t even in the same category! I have had cats that had died so little that it traumatized me and made me super paranoid. So I am doing the best I can to let her be herself!

Till next time-xoxo




How I achieve my Body Wave!

Hey everyone!! This is my first tutorial EVER!!! So I apologize if you feel it’s a bit rough. I made this to walk people through how to do a blow out on yourself, as well as to show you how I do it. For a lot of my clients, some of the stuff may look familiar as well as it may be new!

So first, Lets start with product:


I just recently started trying the Colorproof CrazySmooth (its the pink bottle… and yes I know the pictures are black and white and that you can’t tell). I wasn’t quite sure how I felt at first, after many uses I noticed a big difference in the smoothness and texture of my hair! For great hair you need a great base, which is why you always use Salon quality shampoo and conditioner! Right out of the shower I spray my hair with Pravanna’s Nevo Leave in Conditioner, I also run a drop of Redkens Diamond Oil and a pea size amount of Redken’s Curl Refiner (which unfortunately I have found to be discontinued). Depending on your hair type you may need a stronger hold or texture spray for some grip!



The only tools that I use, consist of a round brush, blow dryer and a hair tie (You can use a hair tie or clip whatever works for you!). I use a medium size round brush because of the length of my hair and the amount of curl I want to achieve! If you want more curl use a smaller brush, if you want less use a larger brush.

I start with my bangs (Fringe.. whatever) only because it’s what I look at in the mirror everyday and it dries the quickest. When training the “fringe” for a deep side bang (as many of my clients know) start by blowing straight down into your face so help reverse any cowlick/whirl that is around the front hairline(everyone has one, some are just more noticeable).  I will also blow my fringe the opposite direction of the way I normally style, that creates the c curved shape, and then blow them into place.


Now that the bangs are styled ( you can run a roundbrush or flatiron to them if you like a more sleek fringe).



Moving on to the rest of the hair!

When doing a “blow out” you want to have 70-80% of the moisture removed from the hair! I’ve found that 80-90% dry works best when styling my own hair, but when I am behind the chair I normally don’t let the hair get past 70% I have more control.  A trick I found through my training as well as trial and error, is to always keep the blowdryer pointing down the hair shaft to keep the cuticle smooth. Once you blow up the hair strand you rough up the cuticle just enough to where the style looks fuzzy and broken.


(notice the arrow? Blowing down the shaft)


Who is ever this happy blowdrying hair… me apparently

For extra volume, turn your head over and continuing to blow down the strand, creates height by over directing the hair strand at the root, lifting the hair off scalp when flipped over!


Here is the finished blown dry look! Notice the volume without being super frizzy?


Notice there is still moisture in my hair, but it isn’t soaking wet anymore!



Part a section at the nape no thicker then the end of your round brush.



Starting at the scalp with the roundbrush, silk the hair a couple times (smoothes extra fly aways and helps remove tangles) by running the heat from the blowdryer down the hair shaft along side the roundbrush! After a couple times over the hair, gently roll the roundbrush up the hair while keeping the heat on the brush (shown above.. notice arrow pointing down the shaft still) When rolling a roundbrush in your hair, the trick to getting it out is to unroll in the same direction you rolled. Make sure the brush and the hair are heated enough to alter the hydrogen bonds in your hair! BECAREFUL… hair does burn when heat is applied for too long!

Once your hair is warm, dry and wrapped around the brush its time to cool…



I get asked why I do this technique at least 2-3x a day!

When you apply heat to your hair, you are shaping it into a different form (whether it be to straighten or to curl) , when cool air is applied you are setting it in the form you shaped it (like pinning curls after curling your hair so they don’t loosen). I don’t have a fancy blowdryer where the end is a secret weapon, it’s the same as any other! I use the fan on the tail-end of the blowdryer as a cooling agent by pulling the heat from the hair! The fan is meant to draw air into the heating element of the blowdryer helping to push the warm air out!

Make sure you keep the grate on the tail end of the blowdryer clean or your blowdryer will probably end up blowing up.




When unrolling your hair, you can twist with the roundbrush (a bit more advanced) or once your hair is out you can twist with your fingers.


Notice the pretty curl!
_DSC0095Okay.. so they were from different sides… but you get the point.  Work your way up the head section by section!



The back of the head gets tricky, and it does take some time to get the hang of. Try to keep the blowdryer pointing down the hair shaft still! (sorry the picture below doesn’t show very well)


Here is me twisting after I’ve taken my hair out of the roundbrush.
_DSC0105(are you arms tired yet? take a break its okay!)


My break was unintentional… as I had to search the house to find another hair band! (yes I am one of those that leave hairbands and bobby pins in places one would never look and then I forget about them)

I’ve taken my fingers and combed through creating the loose waves pictured below



The top of the hair is tricky, it will make or break the hairstyle!




Depending on how I feel that morning/night is depending on how I blow out the top of my hair! I love volume so I will more than likely blow it backwards over directing to create more height! Sometimes I will also pin the top sections into a pin curl to set the wave.



Here is my finished look! You can spray it with hairspray, back comb, or even give more curl!


This is my first tutorial through pictures so if you have any type of feedback or criticism email me or comment and let me know! Was this helpful?






Transfer Print to Chalkboard!

What you need:

  • Chalkboard ( I used a chalkboard picture frame that was made for me from my sister)
  • Chalk
  • Printed saying
  • Eraser or end of Pen



I downloaded Janda Stylish Script from 48 Free Wedding Fonts and entered it into my font dictionary on my computer. I also used the Janda style script for the “But first”  and Bernard Mt Condensed for “coffee”. I printed out two different sizes to decide which one fit the chalkboard better!!


I then taped the print to the window so that I can see the back! Then I took a blue and green piece of chalk and traced very carefully so that I didn’t get chalk to far out of the lines.


I then taped the traced paper chalk side down and took the end of a ballpoint pen (the clicker side so that I didn’t right into the chalkboard) and traced the lettering. Tracing the lettering pushes the chalk onto the chalkboard acting as a transfer.




As you can see I didn’t fully trace the coffee lettering but I did outline the edges so that I can just go back in with chalk over the trace and fill in any gaps or retrace to darken the print and make it more noticeable



This picture I retraced the “But first” and outlined “coffee”.


I created a little coffee space with a few things I already had around the house! The teal serving tray and matching mugs (that came with my dishes set from Ross) and the repurposed chalkboard sign!! What a great cheap way to transform counter space!



Hair of the Day!!

1429304041830 1429304019318


This beauty had layers of box color on her hair and she also had a solid ombre that we slowly have been transforming into more of a balyage ombre.



before and after of this last session, the dark that was added to blend the solid line from session 1 faded significantly but was still dark enough to work with in the after pictures in session 2!


Before and after of session 1. We had added dark and brought blonde up to bring in some subtle highlights.



Hair of the day!


Out of habit, this gal has been box coloring her hair for 20 years. When she came to me, her hair was hurting from the constant box color abuse. We did have a set back along the way and after agreeing to follow a tight regiment and promising not to color her hair again, we have gotten her hair back on the road to recovery!

It is tough when it comes to box color either blonde or any other color. A lot of the darker box colors have metallic dyes and different minerals in the color that make it almost impossible to remove. When you do try to remove box color you don’t always know what you’re going to get. Like the famous saying from Forest Gump,

“Life is like a Box of Chocolates You never know what you’re going to get”

Box colored hair is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. I grew up with my girlfriends coloring each other’s hair at sleepovers with a box or two of the pretty chestnut brown you got on sale at the local supermarket. I understand the struggle of a high school student who couldn’t afford to get their hair professionally colored, I also didn’t know any different.

Beauty School created a foundation of color knowledge for me, and it helped me understand color doesn’t remove color. That explains the hot roots I got when I went to go blonde from brunette with a single box of blonde.

A piece of advice, save your hair color to the professionals! We know what is being put on your hair and how to work with what we get!!