Memorial Day 2015

For Memorial Day Weekend this year (2015), Mr. Boo Merrill and I were kindly invited to camp at Lake Billy Chinook about 45 minutes north of where we live. Family members of Mr. Boo’s just recently bought property in the Three Rivers Recreational Area, and they just bought a boat! [What more do you need?] OH wait… you can’t forget you’re furry friends.



We were also dog sitting my “soon to be” in-laws black lab Buck(or also known as Buckles) . Oh boy does Paisley love him! We were also joined by his Uncles dogs Annabelle the Bloodhound and Dixie the Mini Blue Heeler! They made such a great team, and we all know who pack leader is… Buckles.

Mr. Boo and I couldn’t be more blessed to have such a great family behind us. Through the last year Mr. Boo and I have gotten so many different pieces to add to our camping gear, either it be a loan until our’s can be replaced or a gift for holidays!


This camping stove (sorry not a great picture), use to be my great grandfathers and it was passed down to my dad! This coleman stove use to be a white gas pump stove. (Many people we’ve talked too about it, remember this stove very fluidly) In my fathers years of having it, he converted it too propane! Instead of just letting it lie around my very generous father let us have it! (we plan to return it too its former glory minus the white gas)


After our previous escapade opening weekend of fishing, my wonderful parents let us borrow on of the many tents they had on hand! Being empty nesters, they don’t need more than one! The one condition, we have to go camping (bringing the tent) when there is a family camping trip! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind that condition one bit.


[HAIR DISCLAIMER: for everyone wondering, this is my natural air dried curl. I didn’t use a curling iron and I didn’t diffuse with the blow dryer. I simply got out of the shower put its a 10 Defining gel in my hair and let mother nature do the rest.]


We got a phenomenal sunset and an incredible sunrise.



Despite the red hair, I didn’t let it impede my weekend. I still enjoyed the sun, the lake and some spirits!


So I think my puppy is the cutest thing on the planet… SUE ME!! [Just kidding… please don’t]

Thank you again to Mr. Boo’s Uncle Jon and Shelby who allowed us to join them for a weekend on the boat as well as letting us camp on their beautiful property! We can’t wait for future adventures with you!


Let us not forget the real reason we observe  Memorial day! We remember and honor the selflessness and sacrifices made by past generations, the present generation and future generations to come. Driving down the main streets of Redmond as well as driving by the cemetery, Flags line the streets to remind everyone that freedom isn’t free. We have lost a lot of honorable men and women to keep our freedom. Don’t forget the real reason behind today!


Hair of the Day!


I got to meet the sister of a lovely client of mine. They both came in for haircuts and we had so much fun. This beautiful mother hadn’t had her haircut in a long time and was definitely in need of a change! We took off 6-8 inches, shaping her hair into the “Lob”(see post The 10 best Bobs and Lobs of Hollywood!) I did a full razor cut to reduce visible lines, create texture and movement.





This gentle soul came to me with brassy, orange, platinum and golden colors through her hair. She had previously tried red hair, she then decided she wanted to go back to her normal blonde. In the process of trying to remove the color herself  she decided that it was best to get some help! So we decided to start with a clean slate! We gave her a light brown base and with a low peroxide we created some highlights around her face!





This Peach is the best friend of one of my good friends, you may remember her in previous posts! Each time we do her hair, she continually wants change. This time we took her dramatically shorter!! She was also the inspiration to the haircut earlier in this post!


Hair of the Day!

My fellow stylist came to me and was like…

“What do you think about a lavender ombre?”

Of course, my response  “Lets Do It”

So we tried the ombre 3 times. 1st time using Wellas instamatic Muted Mauve and their smokey amethyst, the color didn’t hold at all! The 2nd time we deluted Manic Panics Violet with white conditioner and it faded after the 2nd wash! 3Rd time is the charm, we tried ion brilliance brights fushia and violet mixed with their dilution creme! We were both very surprised with the results!


Before and After!