Transfer Print to Chalkboard!

What you need:

  • Chalkboard ( I used a chalkboard picture frame that was made for me from my sister)
  • Chalk
  • Printed saying
  • Eraser or end of Pen



I downloaded Janda Stylish Script from 48 Free Wedding Fonts and entered it into my font dictionary on my computer. I also used the Janda style script for the “But first”  and Bernard Mt Condensed for “coffee”. I printed out two different sizes to decide which one fit the chalkboard better!!


I then taped the print to the window so that I can see the back! Then I took a blue and green piece of chalk and traced very carefully so that I didn’t get chalk to far out of the lines.


I then taped the traced paper chalk side down and took the end of a ballpoint pen (the clicker side so that I didn’t right into the chalkboard) and traced the lettering. Tracing the lettering pushes the chalk onto the chalkboard acting as a transfer.




As you can see I didn’t fully trace the coffee lettering but I did outline the edges so that I can just go back in with chalk over the trace and fill in any gaps or retrace to darken the print and make it more noticeable



This picture I retraced the “But first” and outlined “coffee”.


I created a little coffee space with a few things I already had around the house! The teal serving tray and matching mugs (that came with my dishes set from Ross) and the repurposed chalkboard sign!! What a great cheap way to transform counter space!



Newest addition to the family!

Over the weekend of my birthday Mr. Boo got me a sewing machine! Well it was a dud. It took weeks of frustrating time to figure it out. I thought I would never catch on. But instead I found out it was broken!! So I exchanged it and came home with a brand new beauty! k2-_241d0361-bcb4-4e68-8aff-34bf26a8402f.v1Life ccouldn’t be any easier! (: so in love with my new toy!!! Hope you get to see projects soon!!!


Fudge Fudge Fudge!


I’ve always wanted to make fudge, but was told it was super hard to get right. The only time I have had fudge was when my grandparents would make it during the holidays!! Seeing as I am building my own home and my own traditions with Boo Merrill, I set out to find the right fudge recipe, and of course where other then PINTEREST. (WOOOHOOOOOO)

Easy Homemade Fudge Favors

fudge Recipe by: Christina @ Intimate Weddings

Of course, I am one of those that likes to use what I already have. Other then Boo running to the store to get sweetened condensed milk (He was already going for coffee so it wasn’t just for me) I used what I already had!! So instead of adding milk chocolate morsels, I used 3 cups of semi sweet morsels, and didn’t add nuts. ( Boo is allergic to specific nuts & I didn’t have any on hand)

I wanted to share my clever find with you! What’s your favorite fudge recipe?

“Pallets of Fun”



After what felt like pulling teeth, my girl DeLeone got me to finally sign up for this pallet making class. I’d been struggling with lack of human contact (outside of work) so DeLeone convinced me to do this with her.

Her words:

“We can learn to make signs for our weddings..”

3 hour long classes on Fridays at 630, okay yes I can do that. 1st week we went and had so much fun we didn’t want to leave. Before class we went to Albertsons got prepackaged containers with cut up celery, carrots, hummus, turkey, cheese and pretzels and hung out before class and ate them as dinner. Class 2 was canceled unfortunatly because of the white flurry stuff that fell and stuck. So Class 3 was a 2 hour class and because DeLeone and I both came from other appointments so we were both running behind, and so she picked up the snacks and we ate while we worked!!



Photocredit: Katie the Class Instructor

Helping hands


Custom Knives by Troy

These beautiful knives are made by my lovely father in law. He does such a wonderful job, he is so crafty. Troy uses unique antlers, special woods, and exotic horns to craft his one of a kind handles on his knifes.




Our go to knives in our hunting pack, are Custom Knives by Troy. We have these knives on our belt while hunting or fishing. They are super sharp and they fit right in the palm of your hand.


This Unique moose antler handle is probably my favorite. I love the different textures, and different shapes of the blades. They are definitely unique and personalized. He spends so much time making sure they are just right.


We had so much fun putting together some scenes and  taking pictures.



The master mind behind “Custom Knives by Troy” hard at work.


And then there is this cutie, working hard helping out!



Custom Knives by Troy is a family affair. We spent the better half of the afternoon preparing his new knives for their trek to The Gilbert House Antique shop in Redmond, one of the many locations these knifes are. Pretty soon we are going to need a whole army to prep these bad boys.


Fall at my house!



Alright so I might of had fall up since August… sue me. ( In my defense, its only because we got a new table and I was to anxious to decorate it.  Since this is my first house/ apartment I don’t have very many decorations, and I have been collecting as I have been going. A little here and a little there.   fall2

My favorite thing about fall is hands down the scents. The pumpkins, the fall harvests and all of the bakery scents. When I come home and candles are lit and the fall colors nourish my surroundings I feel like I belong there.


fall3 fall4

I guess I was just born to be a fall princess.