Hair of the day!

Who doesn’t love the beautiful and highly popular ombré?I know I do! I love when a client sits in my chair shows me a picture and says “go for it”. I have this one client who always wants something new and different (she is in previous hair posts), this time she sat down and said “I want darker on top and lighter on the bottom” That is something I can do!  

 Taking her base a full shade darker and her ends a shade lighter created the dramatic look she was wanting. We added olaplex to the bleach so we could overlap her previously lightened hair to get the lift we needed. 

   This sweetheart came in with golden blonde hair and wanted more neautral colors. We used 3 different shades of blonde to create this multi dimensional look. 

When she first came in, I couldn’t quite figure out where I’d seen her. After raddling off different locations she’s worked we found where I’d met her, the local bar around the corner. 

All-in-all I had a great day! I met new people, caught up with friends and did hair. What more could a girl ask for? 

Hair of the day!



This pretty girl is the roommate of DeLeone! She has been going to one stylist a few times and decided it was time to come give me a try! After previous dark color on her hair, she decided she wanted a subtle sun kissed highlight. She also wanted color that didn’t require too much maintenance that also didn’t get gnarly grow out lines.

Before and After:



The before is a little difficult to tell the color her hair was when she came in. She had 3-4 inches grow out of a solid line! I used 3 different formulas to break up that line! I have been playing a lot with 10/0 = parts 30vol to break through darker hair color! In this case it was such a subtle difference I was able to get a multi dimensonal.

Hair of the Day!


I got to meet the sister of a lovely client of mine. They both came in for haircuts and we had so much fun. This beautiful mother hadn’t had her haircut in a long time and was definitely in need of a change! We took off 6-8 inches, shaping her hair into the “Lob”(see post The 10 best Bobs and Lobs of Hollywood!) I did a full razor cut to reduce visible lines, create texture and movement.





This gentle soul came to me with brassy, orange, platinum and golden colors through her hair. She had previously tried red hair, she then decided she wanted to go back to her normal blonde. In the process of trying to remove the color herself  she decided that it was best to get some help! So we decided to start with a clean slate! We gave her a light brown base and with a low peroxide we created some highlights around her face!





This Peach is the best friend of one of my good friends, you may remember her in previous posts! Each time we do her hair, she continually wants change. This time we took her dramatically shorter!! She was also the inspiration to the haircut earlier in this post!


Hair of the Day!

My fellow stylist came to me and was like…

“What do you think about a lavender ombre?”

Of course, my response  “Lets Do It”

So we tried the ombre 3 times. 1st time using Wellas instamatic Muted Mauve and their smokey amethyst, the color didn’t hold at all! The 2nd time we deluted Manic Panics Violet with white conditioner and it faded after the 2nd wash! 3Rd time is the charm, we tried ion brilliance brights fushia and violet mixed with their dilution creme! We were both very surprised with the results!


Before and After!


Hair of the Day!!

1429304041830 1429304019318


This beauty had layers of box color on her hair and she also had a solid ombre that we slowly have been transforming into more of a balyage ombre.



before and after of this last session, the dark that was added to blend the solid line from session 1 faded significantly but was still dark enough to work with in the after pictures in session 2!


Before and after of session 1. We had added dark and brought blonde up to bring in some subtle highlights.



Hair of the day!


Out of habit, this gal has been box coloring her hair for 20 years. When she came to me, her hair was hurting from the constant box color abuse. We did have a set back along the way and after agreeing to follow a tight regiment and promising not to color her hair again, we have gotten her hair back on the road to recovery!

It is tough when it comes to box color either blonde or any other color. A lot of the darker box colors have metallic dyes and different minerals in the color that make it almost impossible to remove. When you do try to remove box color you don’t always know what you’re going to get. Like the famous saying from Forest Gump,

“Life is like a Box of Chocolates You never know what you’re going to get”

Box colored hair is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. I grew up with my girlfriends coloring each other’s hair at sleepovers with a box or two of the pretty chestnut brown you got on sale at the local supermarket. I understand the struggle of a high school student who couldn’t afford to get their hair professionally colored, I also didn’t know any different.

Beauty School created a foundation of color knowledge for me, and it helped me understand color doesn’t remove color. That explains the hot roots I got when I went to go blonde from brunette with a single box of blonde.

A piece of advice, save your hair color to the professionals! We know what is being put on your hair and how to work with what we get!!

Hair of the day!

Okay so it’s more hair of the month… But I don’t have a category for that!! So here are a few great looks from the past month that have yet to make it on here!!!

1423865551731 1424275374368 1424415691642

Before and Afters:

1424829222119 1423865598556 1425510534064 1426088641134


Some of these changes are incredibly drastic, and they are real. Its never too late to switch up your style!

Hair of The Day!



This lovely lady is the wife of my dear Mr. Boo’s friend/coworker! She received a gift certificate for christmas from her Husband and so decided it was time to redeem her gift! It was time to ditch the locks. We also took her color deeper and gave her some beautiful subtle “Balayaged” highlights.

Before and After:




This wonderful free spirit had been getting an all over with highlights and wanted something with less mantinence, so we moved her over to a 3 color weave to start as we blend out the blunt new growth. We also took off 4″ of length (most of which were taken off before her before picture sadly…)


Hair of The day!

ombre backombre side

The daughter of a lovely client came in for some lively fix in her after attempting to fix a previous highlight that was done. We took her warm base cooler and lightened her ends to an ombre.

Before and After:

b@A ombre2 before and after ombre