Honeymoon: Day 2

After a crazy hectic week Mr. Boo and I were able to finally relax! I don’t think I slept so much the whole time we’ve known each other.  

Today is exactly 2 years since our first date. Back then I never thought that we would be married 2 years later! 

Today we planned to go to Old Tucson before it got smoldering hot. We were up by 8:30 and out the door by 10. When we got to Old Tucson it was around 11 and the town is closed during the week days of October for their nightly Halloween show.  



We got some pretty cute touristy pictures though. For those of you who don’t know what Old Tucson is, it is a movie set that was built to look like an old western movie. A majority of John Wayne movies including 3:10 to Yuma, a bulk of Clint Eastwood movies and many scenes from classic westerns were filmed there. 

Not being on a time limit allows for a more relaxed and flexible day. We moseyed on over to the Desert Museum, which was only a few minutes away.  For being a last minute decision it turned out pretty cool! 

 We got to see so many cool animals, insects, amphibians and flowers.    (A barn owl) 

 (The American back bear… Very hard to see)  

 (Prairie dogs… Similar to rock chucks)  

 (my favorite The bighorn)  

 We got to go into some caves, see different types of rocks and different types of cacti.  

 4 hours in we still hadn’t seen everything they had open, but we decided we were tired and hungry and so we headed back home.   

I am from Battle Ground, it rains. Cacti don’t grow other than measly house plants. So seeing this many cacti in one place is like going into the forest.   

    Of course when you’re in a state that has Inn N Out, you stop at least one time.   

  (Isn’t it funny how your spouses food always looks better than you) 

  Yum. I haven’t had Inn N Out for almost 5 years, it was totally worth it! 

Mr. Boo and I came back to Grandma Merrills house and we did some swimming before we went on a drive in the neighbors golf cart.  

 As the sun sets, the wild life comes out. It was such an incredible sight watching the sun set along the mountains and all the beautiful homes lining the path. Mr. Boo has been talking all day about these Prickley Pear candies that we absolutely had to get. We came across the actual fruit.     

     (Excuse the next couple pictures, my flash broke earlier today) 

As we pulled around a corner we saw a herd of mule deer. There were 9 very humanized doe’s standing there, we were about 10 feet away from them. That’s the closest I have been to a deer in the wild ( not in a zoo). 

I promised you pictures of our new addition. Here they are! 



  She still doesn’t have a name but Audrey is in the running. What do you think? -xoxo




Arizona Here we Come! 

Thank you Sis for the awesome shirts! I know it was last minute but they stole the show today! Everyone loved them! 

Our flight left Portland Airport at 715 which meant a 645am board time… Meaning we had to leave the house at 530. I think I have been sleep deprived all week long. No joke! If we weren’t planning the wedding and doing decorations late I didn’t sleep because of my nerves. I wouldn’t of traded this whole week for the world! 

Our first flight was around 2 hours and 10 minutes and smoother than butter!  We had an hour layover in San Diego. ( thankfully it was an hour) What we found completely awkward and inconvenient, was that we had to go through security again to catch our connecting flight. It was as if we walked in off the streets of San Diego and we’re catching our 1st flight. I never plan to fly out of San Diego again! 


 Our Second flight to Tucson Arizona (our destination) was a smidge rougher and shorter! We grabbed our bags and were out the door headed to Grandma Merrills house! I’ve never been to Arizona so the sights were very new! The cacti and the palm trees all in one.  

Mr. Boo and I spent the afternoon getting some key things to prepare for the road ahead that we couldn’t pack on the flight We got to drive the new addition to our fleet for the first time tonight and man is she perty! The pictures of just her will be soon to come ( sorry for the delay, I’ll just post a few pictures to hold you over).






 Until tomorrow-xoxo 

I married my Best friend!

  So many of our family and friends joined forces to help make Mr. Boo and my fairy tale a reality! I can’t even put into words how magical the night was!  (Photo credit to Cousin Merrill) 

Everyone talks about how the couple getting married never remembers all of the details! We were lucky to have a phenomenal coordinator that made it possible for us! If I could give any piece of advice to soon to be newlyweds, GET A COORDINATOR! Did stuff go wrong? Probably, but she never told us. In our eyes the wedding was flawless! 

Mr. Boo’s absolute favorite part of the evening was when he turned around and saw me for the first time walking down the isle clutching on to my dad! He was anxious all day long and that’s all he could say to everyone! “I can’t wait to see her” 

My favorite part? When my dad handed me over to Tim. As soon as we joined hands and I looked into his eyes, all of the nerves and jitters disappeared. I was 100% lost in his eyes.  

Here are some more pictures taken by all friends and family! I love how the first dance with Tim and the father daughter dance were captured! I’m still finding the perfect mother son dance!  


And you can’t forget the decorations. Personally I think they stole the show!  

I am still searching for more pictures of my decorations! If you were there and you have some pretty awesome photos email them to me!!! As I receive them I will update!! Till then -xoxo






After a long month of not having our new Ford f-350 we have officially gotten Betty back! For those of you who didn’t know we had to replace the transmission in our powerstroke. (All you chevy and dodge fans hold your tongues… Because this could of happened to any lifted truck that doesnt have the right upgrades).



A big thank you to American Pride for putting up with us and our big truck!! They experienced trouble after trouble but still remained positive and kept us in the loop a long the way!  We can’t be more stoked to have Betty White back and are thrilled for our future together! Till next time -xoxo

My #MancrushEveryday on #MancrushMonday

Happy Monday everyone!!

I’m sure you’ve all seen via Facebook or Instagram people posting pictures on Mondays of their #MancrushMonday (#MCM) or their #MancrushEveryday (#MCE).  The #mancrushmonday tag has become a trend in everyday social media, it is a way for people to recognize their; spouse, boyfriend, crush or even best friend. (Yes women get their day too, except its. Get it? Women Wednesday and Man  Monday.)

Urban Dictionary:

Man Crush Monday– revealing who is your man crush, must be done on monday

i.e; “My man crush is Jesus Christ I’ll go gay for him”

As soon as the #mancrushmonday came into spotlight, it became semi controversial on only recognizing your important man or crush everyday instead of only on mondays thus creating #mancrusheveryday.

Here’s my #mancrusheveryday on #mancrushmonday.


Mr. Boo Merrill

What is there to say about someone who’s way too perfect for words?

We met almost 6 years ago to this date, if you asked me then if i’d be marrying this man I would of told your crazy. He wasn’t my type, I wanted the bad boys that were always in trouble.  He knew at first sight he wanted to marry me, it took me 6 years and a 1st date to know that he was the one. He has such a gentle soul I am completely relaxed whenever he is around me. People say you only have one true soulmate in life, I’ve found mine very young and I am incredibly grateful that God gave us a 2nd chance.  I’m lucky I’m in love with my best. -xoxo


Why I Love #Hashtag (You should too!)

For those of you that don’t understand this whole #MancrushMonday or #Mancrusheveryday i’ll explain it as much as I can. First lets talk about the Hashtag or the # sign. Wikipedia calls the Hashtag (or pound sign) “A label or Media data tag which makes it easier for users to find specific themes or content.” If you aren’t big into the social media either it be Facebook, Instagram, twitter ,tumbler and you don’t blog the Hashtag merely will look like a pound simple with words or phrases behind it maybe even a grammatical error.  Acting as a Categorizing and organizing system, when a hashtag is used it links together all of the photos or phrases where the tag is used. Here is an example.


Notice that all of the hashtags at the bottom are highlighted blue. When hash-tagging it creates a link to that certain tag. When looking at my instagram all of my hair photos have the #sheerglamor and the #hipchickssalon hashtags(pictured above). If I wanted to see more work from Hip Chicks salon I would click on the hashtag #hipchickssalon and see all posts that are tagged the same. (pictured below).



I am the only one who really uses social media to promote my work at the salon, there are a few gals who do a little but not as extensive as I do. When you click the Hip Chicks Salon hashtag you will mainly see my work with a few others trickled in and out ( I am working on getting them too post more work). The hashtag makes it easier to see related posts.

There are many people that “don’t like” the hashtag or think it’s stupid. I honestly think those people; 1. don’t understand it 2. think its another social media fad or 3. hate social media all together.  I use to think the hashtag was ridiculous and it didn’t make sense but since being a part of the fashion industry I realized how powerful of a tool it can be. As a business owner, social media and the hashtag system have helped showcase my work and allowed me to expand my business and reach out to more clientele.

-#hatersgunnahate xoxo

Fathers Day Weekend with the In-laws!!

Hey everyone!! I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted! (I really need to get better at it) Mr.Boo, Paisley and I spent a great weekend up in Troutdale Oregon with my in-laws (or soon to be… we are almost married and its easier). Unfortunately  we have been dealing with a blown transmission on Betty White… (She’s my beautiful F-350 6.0 lifted Turbo diesel) so it was also a trip to pick up a 2nd vehicle so I have one to drive to work!! We got to spend Fathers day with such an incredible family and spread love in everyones hearts!!  We started at the in-laws and had a bit of fun with some beer pong, bbq, bonfire and friends!!

_DSC0224 copyHere is grandpa and Miss. Paisley Pie Merrill. She is growing everyday and I can’t be more grateful for her! Paisley can be a shit-head everyonce and awhile but what puppy/toddler isn’t? Mr. Boo says she’s in her terrible twos…I laugh. _DSC0231 copy My maid of honor, best friend and sister Oregon! We had our year of falling out but it only brought us closer than ever!! We are apparently great beer pong partners… not. This was match 2 for me the first one for her, we lost to the in-laws. We had a lot of fun trying to win though… _DSC0257 copy_DSC0239

(yes apparently Oregon State Beer Pong rules, you play with water… I play the Washington State rules with Beer)_DSC0259 copy


As you can probably tell the one person not in the photos is Mr. Boo… when he gets the camera his Professional photographer skills start to show, here are a few masterpieces from the night.

_DSC0301 copy _DSC0303 copy

_DSC0294 copy


_DSC0298 copy _DSC0248 _DSC0263

_DSC0305 copy

Since this was Mr. Boo’s first fathers day with Paisley and my father in-law loves the outdoors just as much as his son, we all decided to go to the lake. We were able to do so many different activities from kayaking, fishing, swimming and sunbathing. It was a great weekend to get the family together for some light hearted fun!

_DSC0327 copy

This is my lovely “Soon to Be” Mother in-law(pictured above)!_DSC0328 copyThis is the wonderful Grandma Carole. She is such a positive spirit it can make anyone happier!!

_DSC0331 copy

This handsome man, Mr. Boo Merrill caught the first fish of the day!!

11037049_10204950859870776_6189926988635210147_n 10644915_10204950859550768_3161427012875240932_n

_DSC0325 copy Grandma Carole caught the 2nd fish of the day on their little fishing boat, followed by My mother in-law on shore!!

_DSC0315 sized

My handsome man and I. I am super bummed about whatever was on the lens… it was probably a puppy slobber smear… I wish I caught it sooner sorry! _DSC0316 sizedMiss. Paisley Pie had a rough start to the trip at the lake, but she soon relaxed and gave herself a time out! We had to keep her leashed to the pickup bed only to keep her in sight! Yes she did have enough movement, she did have her food and water, and no she wasn’t stuck in one spot.

All in all we all had a great weekend! Fish were caught, kayaks were used and the fishing boat made its maiden voyage! There was great food and spectacular company! To all you fathers out there, you are appreciated every day even if your family doesn’t show it. I hope you all had a wonderful Fathers Day like I did!


Memorial Day 2015

For Memorial Day Weekend this year (2015), Mr. Boo Merrill and I were kindly invited to camp at Lake Billy Chinook about 45 minutes north of where we live. Family members of Mr. Boo’s just recently bought property in the Three Rivers Recreational Area, and they just bought a boat! [What more do you need?] OH wait… you can’t forget you’re furry friends.



We were also dog sitting my “soon to be” in-laws black lab Buck(or also known as Buckles) . Oh boy does Paisley love him! We were also joined by his Uncles dogs Annabelle the Bloodhound and Dixie the Mini Blue Heeler! They made such a great team, and we all know who pack leader is… Buckles.

Mr. Boo and I couldn’t be more blessed to have such a great family behind us. Through the last year Mr. Boo and I have gotten so many different pieces to add to our camping gear, either it be a loan until our’s can be replaced or a gift for holidays!


This camping stove (sorry not a great picture), use to be my great grandfathers and it was passed down to my dad! This coleman stove use to be a white gas pump stove. (Many people we’ve talked too about it, remember this stove very fluidly) In my fathers years of having it, he converted it too propane! Instead of just letting it lie around my very generous father let us have it! (we plan to return it too its former glory minus the white gas)


After our previous escapade opening weekend of fishing, my wonderful parents let us borrow on of the many tents they had on hand! Being empty nesters, they don’t need more than one! The one condition, we have to go camping (bringing the tent) when there is a family camping trip! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind that condition one bit.


[HAIR DISCLAIMER: for everyone wondering, this is my natural air dried curl. I didn’t use a curling iron and I didn’t diffuse with the blow dryer. I simply got out of the shower put its a 10 Defining gel in my hair and let mother nature do the rest.]


We got a phenomenal sunset and an incredible sunrise.



Despite the red hair, I didn’t let it impede my weekend. I still enjoyed the sun, the lake and some spirits!


So I think my puppy is the cutest thing on the planet… SUE ME!! [Just kidding… please don’t]

Thank you again to Mr. Boo’s Uncle Jon and Shelby who allowed us to join them for a weekend on the boat as well as letting us camp on their beautiful property! We can’t wait for future adventures with you!


Let us not forget the real reason we observe  Memorial day! We remember and honor the selflessness and sacrifices made by past generations, the present generation and future generations to come. Driving down the main streets of Redmond as well as driving by the cemetery, Flags line the streets to remind everyone that freedom isn’t free. We have lost a lot of honorable men and women to keep our freedom. Don’t forget the real reason behind today!


Meet Miss. Paisley

Hey Everyone! I’d like you to meet the newest family member of the Merrill Clan. Her name is Paisley Pie Martin Merrill and she is a lab/heeler mix! We got her at 8 weeks old which puts her birth date around February 22nd. If you know Mr. Boo and I at all, you know our birthdays are the 21st and 23rd of February! Her birthday is just more proof that she belongs with us!

1430088295103 1430088400528 1430404652978 1430404683064

Above are pictures from our first weekend together! It was opening weekend for fishing and so we brought her a long! She had such a good time I almost felt bad when it was time to go home!


Miss. Paisley loves to play with her toys, she loves to sleep, she loves to eat, she cuddles a lot, and she loves to run. (Like most normal puppies right? haha) At 9 weeks old Miss. Paisley is potty trained, she responds to “NO” and “COME”, she sits,50% of the time she shakes and she is learning to love her kennel! We couldn’t be more proud of Miss. Paisley and how far she has already come, we are so excited to see her progress in another 2 weeks or so!!


Everyone makes fun of me for the “first time parent syndrome”. It is true, I never really had a dog growing up! I’ve grown up with cats but they are so different they aren’t even in the same category! I have had cats that had died so little that it traumatized me and made me super paranoid. So I am doing the best I can to let her be herself!

Till next time-xoxo




1st Meal Plan

After seeing everyone starting this new “meal planning” trend, Mr. Boo and I decided to hop on board and see what the hype was all about. So today we planned the meals for this next week!  I found a few great pins from pinterest that helped and also that gave us some great ideas!!


By: Bella Forza Fitness

They really go into the the basics of meal preparation and what works and different ideas for all different lifestyles. What a wonderful site to even just explore! You learn so much! 

Easy Breakfast Burritos by: 100 Directions

We thought this was a clever idea and decided that we will give it a try. We are super curious to why we haven’t thought about doing this one before now!!! [:


By: our mindful home

We didn’t go this in depth into planning. But boy doesn’t that look like it makes life 100% easier? Thats what I’m about, an easier lifestyle and as little stress as possible!  After we get the hang of meal planning we are going to adventure to the next step!