Not very many people I talk to, fully understand the fun and excitement I get when I am given a Pez Dispenser. Its truly an obsession of mine. I’ve slowly started to collect pez around 2012 when we still got them in our Easter basket, christmas stockings, for valentines day and so on and so forth! It all started when I was 19 or 20 and I was walking through Barnes and Noble with my parents and started to just glance around while my dad was looking at coin collecting books. I found a pocket size book that contained Pez Dispensers for generations, along with that, they had their pricing and variations. People think “Its a Candy Dispenser” “Its only a Pez Dispenser”… but to me, its a lot more. I get a thrill from finding the different stem variations, finding a killer deal on them at antique stores, completing sets of them when I can, and I just love them.20150119_190345

I’ve gone on a Inventory spree. I’ve started to inventory all of my pez… oh my gosh… it takes FOREVER!!! I don’t even think I am half way done! Pictured above are pez numbers #198, #199, #200 and #201. As you can see with the Mickey Mouse’s there are so many different variations to many pez dispensers.

I also just recently bought a light kit to be able to photograph mini objects! for $27 cant beat it. It will help with photographing Knives for  Custom Knives by Troy  as well as my Pez. I have only tested one pez dispenser so far. I just got the light kit tonight!!

hulk front hulk

Just a few tester images. I hope to have more soon, I just need to find time to take pictures… but it takes forever!! Time will tell- <3

My journey back to myself.

As many of you know, I have begun using weight watchers again to drop some pounds for the wedding! My biggest struggle with W.W is tracking my dinners. It is winter and chilly so I want hearty meals all… the… time. I’ll track breakfast and lunch and any snack I pack or make that day but when it comes to dinner I just can’t do because I’m ashamed at how much I eat and the type of food I’m eating. If I don’t track it, it doesn’t count right? WRONG.. every little bit counts, from the chocolate chips I am eating while typing this post, to the Lipton Ice Tea I had with Lunch. There are a few things in the beginning that I don’t normally track like dressings, condiments and seasonings. As soon as you hit you’re plateau those types of things count. Which sucks.

I have done weight watchers 2xs before, and everytime I hit my target weight, I quit. I think that i’ve lost the weight and I get happy and cocky and think the weight is gone forever. WRONG. I’ve battled with my weight my whole life. I wasn’t “Fat” growing up or “Obese” but I tried to conform to society’s standard of “Pretty” and “Hott”. Lets face it, every preteen/high schooler wants to be “Hott” “Sexy” or “Gorgeous”.  Instead of trying to fit the mold, I am trying to feel better about myself. I am happier when I am 20lbs lighter then what I am now, I do feel better and look better, I smile more and just flat out feel prettier.

The first time I joined weight watchers, I joined to help my mom. I was 21 almost 22 and thought I had a few pounds to loose and with my mom by my side, what the heck. So mom and I would help each other along the way, and make dinner together and have lunch together and we would help each other stay on track. I hit my goal and quit tracking… my mom however went on to loose 50+ lbs and is a weight watcher for life.

The second time I joined, I’d been living with my fiance for 5 months and we ate out a lot. Its easier when you’re tired and on the go. Well  I’d hit my all time heaviest at 175 not fitting into any of my clothes and I couldn’t stand looking at myself in the mirror. Once again, I hit a good patch and it was summer, so all we did was drink beer and eat out. This time, I worked with people who worked out all the time, were gluten free, vegan or even vegetarians. I was never happy, I’d cry all the time because I looked rolly.

This time, I am fluctuating between 170 and 165, I have a wedding in 9 months, and I want to feel better and happier about myself. Heres to a start to a new journey!


First weekend of the NEW YEAR!

I got the pleasure of spending the first full weekend of the new year with my little sister! Little Bird and Mom met Boo at Government Camp(half way) while I was at work on Saturday and Little Bird came home with Boo.  Our weekend consisted of Redbox, Pizza, Hair, Mt. Bachelor, Ice Skating, and more Pizza.

Movies on tap:

  1. The Giver- Which was surprisingly a really good movie! I never read the book so I didn’t know what to expect.
  2. 22 Jump Street- If you’re looking for a good laugh this movie will make anyone laugh. Little Bird didn’t quite get all of the humor, so she didn’t think it was as funny as she heard!!
  3. If I Stay- I loved this movie. It is a buyer in my book. Sad, but still very good.


Other then having a gnarly head cold, Little Bird and I spent some time getting to know different aspects of makeup, how you can use different brushes, nifty tips and tricks… and of course the Student out does the teacher.


After our 1.5 hour makeup session (DON’T JUDGE) we went to Mt. Bachelor. The plan was to go snowshoeing but I wasn’t feeling well enough to spend an extreme amount of time in the cold. So we went so Little Bird could play in the snow…


and take pictures.


20150104_155106 20150104_155220

We had so much fun even just driving up to Mt. Bachelor, we were bummed we couldn’t do more but decided that we will come back and tube and for sure snowshoe. Seeing as it was Little Bird and My first time, we enjoyed the view tremendously. (Unfortunately the pictures didn’t turn out well)







So these pictures originally started out with pretending the tree was Pullman (her boyfriend) and then it turned into 20150104_160251



after a few minutes taking pictures( and by a few I mean 5 or 10) at Mt. Bachelor we went to Seventh Mountain ice skating rink …


its harder then it looks… we obviously couldn’t stand without the wall!!

We ended the night with some more Pizza and Netflix. It was absolutely hard to say goodbye to my sister this morning!  All in all we had such an incredible time!

Here Fishy-Fishy


A few guys from Mr. Boo’s work decided they wanted to get a lot of people together to go fishing along the Deschutes River in Madras.  They planned and they planned for about 2 weeks getting at least 8 people together. As the days drew closer, 4 of the 7 didn’t make it.


That didn’t stop us from having a blast!!




Mr. Boo and Mr. Reed tying a bobber-jig setup. As you can see, you can’t fish without beer.


I didn’t have my steal head tag, and since season ends in a few days, we decided that Mr. Boo would get his and I would just fish trout. Once we got to the river we found out that trout fishing ended October 31st. Sad… So needless to say I didn’t get to fish! I did though, however get to spend all day with Mr. Boo while he got to do what he loves! mash


Unfortunately, No fish were harvested today! But we did have a great time!


A Chilling Version of “Mary Did You Know”

Okay, anyone who can sing or harmonize has major props in my book. That is one thing I wasn’t blessed with. As much as I love the idea of singing and I know my shower synthesizer makes me sound 100 times better. This vocal quintet, is probably among the most talented acapella groups I’ve ever heard. The way they feed off of each other to create masterpieces that will send chills down anyones spine.



Watch more of their videos on their youtube channel and subscribe here.

Learn more about them and their journey here.

Perfect Christmas in the Making,

As we say goodbye to November of 2014, we decorate the house to welcome December with open arms. Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is starting to surface everywhere across the globe! We spent all weekend decorating for the holidays. We put up our 1st Christmas tree together as a couple, in our first home together! _DSC0544a 

As per my family tradition, the man of the house ( usually the father / husband)  puts the star on the top of the tree. Last year, Boo got the privilege of putting the star up at my parents house, this year he got to put the star on his very own tree! To the first of many stars to come!


_DSC0532a sepia


This is DeLeone’s fiance, and He was super excited about putting “The Gingerbread man” up on the tree. I might of heard a few lines exchanged between them.


We had way too much fun garnishing this beautiful tree with ornaments, lights and goodies.

_DSC0573a merge


Growing up in my family, we always had “Bubble Lights” (pictured below), Tinsel, and Translucent multi color c7 Light bulbs. So to keep the tradition alive, Boo and I incorporated all 3 of those traditions into one, while tweaking them just a bit to personalize them to be our own! We are working on combining both family traditions, and who knows in 20 years we might change our routine,


Happy Holidays!!

Please drive safe with any of your types of travel@

“Pallets of Fun”



After what felt like pulling teeth, my girl DeLeone got me to finally sign up for this pallet making class. I’d been struggling with lack of human contact (outside of work) so DeLeone convinced me to do this with her.

Her words:

“We can learn to make signs for our weddings..”

3 hour long classes on Fridays at 630, okay yes I can do that. 1st week we went and had so much fun we didn’t want to leave. Before class we went to Albertsons got prepackaged containers with cut up celery, carrots, hummus, turkey, cheese and pretzels and hung out before class and ate them as dinner. Class 2 was canceled unfortunatly because of the white flurry stuff that fell and stuck. So Class 3 was a 2 hour class and because DeLeone and I both came from other appointments so we were both running behind, and so she picked up the snacks and we ate while we worked!!



Photocredit: Katie the Class Instructor

Warriors In Pink.


Hey everyone!!

This is Fords 20th year in the Fight against Breast Cancer.  They have created a full line of “Warriors In Pink” for the cause. They range from women’s clothing, to men’s as well as children.

warrior 4 & 5

There are 2 elements in the fight against Breast cancer, 1 awareness and 2 raising the funds for the research. Ford has put both the aspects together, designing their clothing around different designs to keep Breast Cancer at the top of everyone’s minds while donating 100% of the net proceeds to the foundation of your choice.


Foundations Available:

  • Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation
  • YSC Young Survival Coalition
  • Susan G. Komen
  • The Pink Fund


Everyone always asks you to donate money to foundations. I think that Ford has done a wonderful thing putting a good cause behind some fashionable items.

Buy your scarf today and help fight the cause

Continue reading “Warriors In Pink.”

Snow Day in Central Oregon


Good Evening my beautiful followers!!!

This is what we woke up to yesterday morning!! Yikes! ( sorry about the picture quality) I’m from Battle Ground, we don’t get snow like this. When it snows in the Portland Metro Area the whole town shuts down, even if it’s only a centimeter deep. In Central Oregon it’s completely different.

For a city that gets snow frequently, and for knowing about this storm for about 2 weeks, it wasn’t as prepared as I expected it to be.  With that said, many kids and adults got a few snow days. We were forecasted for 2-4 inches of snow Wednesday night and with in an hour the estimated accumulation grew to 8-10 inches over night.  For 48 hours this is the view from my front door.


This is what we woke up to this morning! How crazy. But being day two, I needed to attempt to get to work. So with that being said, my wonderful Fiance Mr. Boo Merrill took me to work.  When we got there, all of my clients canceled. I hung out for a few minutes and caught the salon up on laundry and did a little bit of deep cleaning. 20141114_101028


After an hour or so being at the salon with no clients and no extra stylist Mr. Boo picked me back up and we went home to play in the snow.



Oh the snow angels were cold.


We only lasted 5 minutes.



I haven’t had snow gear since I was 10.  Adjusting is the key factor in growing up. My hunting gear was the closest I had to wear in the snow.

Oh for the day its all gone.



Too adorable not to share


The Scentsy Nutcracker warmer set. The Medium size warmer (pictured in the back) is a 3 piece warmer. In the set they send you a matching ornament (Pictured in front). Like I said Way too adorable not to share.

The Nutcrackers are symbolic in my family. My grandfather collected nutcrackers and when he passed, they got split up between the family members. Having nutcrackers around at the holidays, gives us one more thing to remember him by as well as making the holidays feel whole.

Happy Holidays from TEAM MERRILL!