The Best Make-up Tutorial in the world!


I normally scroll through facebook and pass alot of links up. This one however caught my attention “THE MOST BAD ASS MAKEUP TUTORIAL IN THE UNIVERSE“. With a title like that, how wouldn’t it get your attention. I honestly didn’t know what I was expecting to see, because of course I watched the video before I read the blog. As a hairstylist, I was expecting to see a one of a kind make up tutoral. I did, just not the kind I was expecting to see. I just had to share it as well. She deserves credit for this ingenius video. She used the power of cosmetics to get the attention of many age groups, and then continue to portray a meaning behind it.  She is speaking on a whole different level.

Subscribe to Megan MacKay on youtube by clicking here or going to her page.

I was affected by domestic violence many years ago, and unlike thousands of women out there, my voice was heard.


Fight for the Women that Dont have a Voice

Know someone who is being abused? You can visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website to speak with a crisis counselor or call 1-800-799-7233.

Helping hands


Custom Knives by Troy

These beautiful knives are made by my lovely father in law. He does such a wonderful job, he is so crafty. Troy uses unique antlers, special woods, and exotic horns to craft his one of a kind handles on his knifes.




Our go to knives in our hunting pack, are Custom Knives by Troy. We have these knives on our belt while hunting or fishing. They are super sharp and they fit right in the palm of your hand.


This Unique moose antler handle is probably my favorite. I love the different textures, and different shapes of the blades. They are definitely unique and personalized. He spends so much time making sure they are just right.


We had so much fun putting together some scenes and  taking pictures.



The master mind behind “Custom Knives by Troy” hard at work.


And then there is this cutie, working hard helping out!



Custom Knives by Troy is a family affair. We spent the better half of the afternoon preparing his new knives for their trek to The Gilbert House Antique shop in Redmond, one of the many locations these knifes are. Pretty soon we are going to need a whole army to prep these bad boys.


Reliving day 1 on day 365



Boo surprised me with the whole weekend reliving almost every detail of our first date. He picked me up in his grandfathers 32 ford pickup, with beautiful elegant red roses, took me to Bi-Zi Farms Pumpkin Patch and then took me to a beautiful dinner! I am the luckiest girl in the world. Happy Anniversary baby.





DSCF4220 joinedDSCF4236

DSCF4254DSCF4262 copyDSCF4266joined

Cheers to our first year together! Now to the rest of Infinity



Calamari is one of those “MUST HAVES” when you go on a nice dinner date.


(Thats the clearest Long Island Ice Tea that I’ve ever seen)DSCF4279joined

We ended the night taking the 3 hour trek home to Redmond Oregon.

Fall at my house!



Alright so I might of had fall up since August… sue me. ( In my defense, its only because we got a new table and I was to anxious to decorate it.  Since this is my first house/ apartment I don’t have very many decorations, and I have been collecting as I have been going. A little here and a little there.   fall2

My favorite thing about fall is hands down the scents. The pumpkins, the fall harvests and all of the bakery scents. When I come home and candles are lit and the fall colors nourish my surroundings I feel like I belong there.


fall3 fall4

I guess I was just born to be a fall princess.


I said “YES” to a dress

Thank you to the wonderful team at  Ania Collections  for helping me find my dream dress.

People have told me  “when you know, you know”… I knew. She pulled it out of the bag  and I instantly started to get emotional. (I can’t give away the dress details … Duhhhh) I put the dress on and on came the waterworks… I did of course continue to try dresses on and nothing made me feel the way I did in the “said dress”. We retried the favorites and  as soon as i put the “said dress” back on, I just knew. I felt like Belle from Beauty and the Beast when she was in the library in her beautiful yellow ball gown.



Excuse the photo cropping/quality (cropping and blowing up an already low quality image doesn’t do it justice) I wanted to show my emotions without giving the dress away!!

Thank you so much Momma, papa and Oregon for coming with me and supporting me and being “My People”. This was a huge day for me and I wouldn’t of wanted anyone else to join with me.  I feel so blessed to be able to share this opportunity with my best friend and my parents.

Now to Celebrate




Happy Anniversary (2 weeks early)

One Year Later

I receive my first gun, Remington 870 Express.



Boo was super excited for to give me this new gun, he couldn’t wait so he surprised me 2 weeks early.


I’ve already heard it, “Lean Forward”. We still need to cut 2″ off the stock because it is just too long.

(p.s those pink shells aren’t mine they are Boo’s)



Needless to say, we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon out at COSSA Range , and we finally took our new 2006 Jeep Commander off road.



Simple Life My way

Hoarder?… where? oh yeah thats me…  I am a self proclaimed amateur hoarder who is trying to simplify life.

The Dollar Store has been the biggest help for me.



I spent $15 dollars for a bunch of bins to help organize my life.


Before and After of my hall closet. just the few bins I used helped control my outrageous amount of  things. I also went through and got rid of a lot of extra stuff I didn’t need or weren’t going to use. My inner hoarder has a hard time getting rid of a lot of sentimental things, as well as getting rid of doubles because

“What if it breaks and I need to replace it”


“What happens when I am in the middle of cooking and I run out of this”

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest and getting extremely motivated by different boards. A few of my favorite organizational pins are

How to De-Clutter Your Entire Life (number 10 helps in every aspect)

72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life  “Always ask: Will this simplify my life? If the answer is no, reconsider.”

Clutter-Free Forever This is one of my favorites

A majority of posts say some of the same stuff, but its the little bit of info that they add personally that makes the pages vastly different.


Before we have a lot of stuff going on, there isn’t that much of a difference in the cabinets besides organization, I feel that the more spices, the more condiments and ingredients you have the better your food is.


“Season Everything with Love”



This before drives me crazy looking at it now. So un-organized and just everything everywhere.  _DSC0002


All this house has needed since we’ve moved in is a-little bit of TLC, and doing so on a budget. Between these 3 spaces I have about 2 garbage bags and 2 boxes for goodwill. This simple life not only de-clutters the house but it also helps de-clutter the mind.


For awhile I was a coupon-er ( and I might get back into it), so I had stock piles that had taken over the little space I had, I am finally starting to ween down the stock pile and only get to what we will actually use. Coupon-ing is fun, but very time consuming. Its almost as if I had a part time job on top of my full time job. Until next time-



Date Night in Hunting Season


Boo found a beautiful little stream while hunting earlier this morning and wanted to bring me on a little picnic. We brought a premade sandwich (we are all about making life easier if you couldn’t tell) and we went for alittle picnic.



We got to enjoy our sandwich, our cookies, nature and the birds and the bees (literally).



Needless to say, we had a phenomenal night out at Todd Lake. We endured the rough terrain and saw alot of exciting things, Including a Cadillac that probably destroyed its undercarriage. We made it home safely with very few deer sightings as we would of liked but still had an incredible time. Thank you Boo <3

It was a great ending to a very rough day! Waking up with a splitting Migraine and having to pass on hunting because you couldn’t bare the sight of light or couldn’t stant to hear any noise… I will say that Boo left hunting early to sleep on the couch with me, I am one hell of a lucky girl .

Future Mrs. Merrill

Engagement Photos

As many of you know, I was just recently engaged to the youngest Merrill boy on June 7th. We went back and forth on dates for a long time( me wanting a long long engagement and him wanting a short engagement) We both agreed on a year. So we decided on the 2nd year anniversary of our relationship, October 10 2015.

HRP_T&M23 The Beautiful and lovely Hailey Rygh did our photos! Shes a long time family friends of the Merrills, in fact her brother was one of the people who introduced us. Click Here to see more of her work!

engagement photos
engagement photo