Perfect Christmas in the Making,

As we say goodbye to November of 2014, we decorate the house to welcome December with open arms. Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is starting to surface everywhere across the globe! We spent all weekend decorating for the holidays. We put up our 1st Christmas tree together as a couple, in our first home together! _DSC0544a 

As per my family tradition, the man of the house ( usually the father / husband)  puts the star on the top of the tree. Last year, Boo got the privilege of putting the star up at my parents house, this year he got to put the star on his very own tree! To the first of many stars to come!


_DSC0532a sepia


This is DeLeone’s fiance, and He was super excited about putting “The Gingerbread man” up on the tree. I might of heard a few lines exchanged between them.


We had way too much fun garnishing this beautiful tree with ornaments, lights and goodies.

_DSC0573a merge


Growing up in my family, we always had “Bubble Lights” (pictured below), Tinsel, and Translucent multi color c7 Light bulbs. So to keep the tradition alive, Boo and I incorporated all 3 of those traditions into one, while tweaking them just a bit to personalize them to be our own! We are working on combining both family traditions, and who knows in 20 years we might change our routine,


Happy Holidays!!

Please drive safe with any of your types of travel@

Hair of the Day!



I had the pleasure doing this beautiful womens hair today! She hadn’t had her hair done since May!!!  She was in need of a change. We took a good 6 inches off of length and did a super fine weave to not only blend her natural highlights but to give it a natural look!! Unfortunately this was one of those mornings where I forgot to take a before picture (It happens) but if you follow for next time you’ll get a before and after!!

“Pallets of Fun”



After what felt like pulling teeth, my girl DeLeone got me to finally sign up for this pallet making class. I’d been struggling with lack of human contact (outside of work) so DeLeone convinced me to do this with her.

Her words:

“We can learn to make signs for our weddings..”

3 hour long classes on Fridays at 630, okay yes I can do that. 1st week we went and had so much fun we didn’t want to leave. Before class we went to Albertsons got prepackaged containers with cut up celery, carrots, hummus, turkey, cheese and pretzels and hung out before class and ate them as dinner. Class 2 was canceled unfortunatly because of the white flurry stuff that fell and stuck. So Class 3 was a 2 hour class and because DeLeone and I both came from other appointments so we were both running behind, and so she picked up the snacks and we ate while we worked!!



Photocredit: Katie the Class Instructor

Warriors In Pink.


Hey everyone!!

This is Fords 20th year in the Fight against Breast Cancer.  They have created a full line of “Warriors In Pink” for the cause. They range from women’s clothing, to men’s as well as children.

warrior 4 & 5

There are 2 elements in the fight against Breast cancer, 1 awareness and 2 raising the funds for the research. Ford has put both the aspects together, designing their clothing around different designs to keep Breast Cancer at the top of everyone’s minds while donating 100% of the net proceeds to the foundation of your choice.


Foundations Available:

  • Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation
  • YSC Young Survival Coalition
  • Susan G. Komen
  • The Pink Fund


Everyone always asks you to donate money to foundations. I think that Ford has done a wonderful thing putting a good cause behind some fashionable items.

Buy your scarf today and help fight the cause

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Snow Day in Central Oregon


Good Evening my beautiful followers!!!

This is what we woke up to yesterday morning!! Yikes! ( sorry about the picture quality) I’m from Battle Ground, we don’t get snow like this. When it snows in the Portland Metro Area the whole town shuts down, even if it’s only a centimeter deep. In Central Oregon it’s completely different.

For a city that gets snow frequently, and for knowing about this storm for about 2 weeks, it wasn’t as prepared as I expected it to be.  With that said, many kids and adults got a few snow days. We were forecasted for 2-4 inches of snow Wednesday night and with in an hour the estimated accumulation grew to 8-10 inches over night.  For 48 hours this is the view from my front door.


This is what we woke up to this morning! How crazy. But being day two, I needed to attempt to get to work. So with that being said, my wonderful Fiance Mr. Boo Merrill took me to work.  When we got there, all of my clients canceled. I hung out for a few minutes and caught the salon up on laundry and did a little bit of deep cleaning. 20141114_101028


After an hour or so being at the salon with no clients and no extra stylist Mr. Boo picked me back up and we went home to play in the snow.



Oh the snow angels were cold.


We only lasted 5 minutes.



I haven’t had snow gear since I was 10.  Adjusting is the key factor in growing up. My hunting gear was the closest I had to wear in the snow.

Oh for the day its all gone.



My 6 Must Have Cosmetics for Fall


The leaves are changing, the scarves are coming out of hiding, and the sweaters are making their way out from the back of the closet. With the season change, colors change. Put the pinks away and the bright corrals and bring out the plums, mauves, and browns. I put together my top favorites of fall.

_DSC0455You always have to start with a great foundation. I love full coverage, but I also dont like spending $100 dollars on make up that I will need to purchase again in 1 month. Revlon’s Color stay 24 hours is the smoothest, longlasting liquid foundation I’ve found that doesn’t clog my pores. Loreals True Match Mineral powder gives a flawless finish and eliminates any shine you have that’s enhanced by liquid foundation. #110 Ivory is my Revlon color and light ivory w1-2/458 is my loreal mineral powder color.


Next on my must haves, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Greed, and Essence Eyebrow designer #4 blonde.

Urban Decay Greed Eyeshadow Primer is a beautiful gold shimmer tint. It lasts forever, I’ve had this one tube about 3 years now so it is well worth the investment. Its not one of those $3 or $6 tubes of sticky thick goop they call eyeshadow. I’ve never had luck with any other brand, the others crease and they clump and your eyelids stick everytime you blink. Essence Eyebrow pencil is the best eyebrow pencil that i’ve found that doesnt smear or fade throughout the day and the perk is its under $5. Sometimes I take alittle bit of a dark red eyeshadow and put it over the top to match the color of my hair.

younique fiber mascara

Youniques Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes is my 5th favorite thing in my Make-up bag. It is a two step process and adds 15-20 minutes onto my routine (only because I’m a perfectionist). 1st you put a thin layer of regular mascara on your lashes and then take the transplanting gel and do a layer and before that dries put the fibers on  then follow that with another coat of transplanting gel. The trick is to do one eye at a time letting each layer dry.

Before: (Without Moonstruck 3D fiber lashes but with mascara)



After:(With Moonstruck 3D Fiberlashes)



The awesome thing, is that you get the Falsie Lashes look but without the sticky glue.

Creme lipstick revlon

The last but not least must have list, Revlons Super Lusturous Creme #671 Mink. I have fallen inlove all over again, with this lipstick.


 Welcome back fall, We’ve missed you!


When your workspace is portable.


I can honestly say, my workspace changes depending on the mood I am in. Being and Entrepreneur, Its easier if I can pack up and move whenever and where ever.  Today, my choice was the countertop in the kitchen. I like to keep it pretty simple..

What my workspace “usually” includes:

  • My trusty Asus laptop and or my IMac
  • My handy dandy I pad Gen 3
  • A notebook for taking notes or jotting things down
  • A pen (especially if I plan to write things down)
  • My weekly planner that has all of my appointments in it
  • Some water of course
  • My Favorite candles ( right now its Pumpkin/New England Maple Syrup/ sugar cookies)
  • The LG G3 smart phone  (Not pictured)
  • Nikon D90 (also not pictured)


That may seem like a lot, but in reality its not.  Of course when I travel the candles don’t always make it, but when they do they are a perfect travel size that sits at the bottom of my purse (along with the pens and pencils) I can fit everything listed (minus the IMac) in my backpack and take it anywhere.

Its pretty awesome when you can take your work where ever and set up when ever. When you are portable you can even fit in smaller spaces (its a good thing I’m fun sized)

Helping hands


Custom Knives by Troy

These beautiful knives are made by my lovely father in law. He does such a wonderful job, he is so crafty. Troy uses unique antlers, special woods, and exotic horns to craft his one of a kind handles on his knifes.




Our go to knives in our hunting pack, are Custom Knives by Troy. We have these knives on our belt while hunting or fishing. They are super sharp and they fit right in the palm of your hand.


This Unique moose antler handle is probably my favorite. I love the different textures, and different shapes of the blades. They are definitely unique and personalized. He spends so much time making sure they are just right.


We had so much fun putting together some scenes and  taking pictures.



The master mind behind “Custom Knives by Troy” hard at work.


And then there is this cutie, working hard helping out!



Custom Knives by Troy is a family affair. We spent the better half of the afternoon preparing his new knives for their trek to The Gilbert House Antique shop in Redmond, one of the many locations these knifes are. Pretty soon we are going to need a whole army to prep these bad boys.


Chi is Revolutionizing the Industry.


Chi has recently introduced the “Chi Enviro American Smoothing Treatment” to the Beauty Industry. With all the hype of Formaldehyde in The Brazilian Blowout, Chi has created a smoothing treatment that instead of Formaldehyde its formulated with Amino Acids, silk, pearl and proteins. This treatment can last up to 4 months, and unlike others , the more you get the treatment done, the better your hair feels.

chi image 1

Who doesn’t want silky smooth and shiny hair? I know with previous products you had to create separate appointments, weeks apart because you couldn’t color your hair or even highlight your hair and do the smoothing treatment in the same day, you’d fry your hair. The Chi Enviro Smoothing Treatment allows you to color your hair and do the treatment with no unnecessary damage. How cool is that? Its basically like a deep conditioning treatment with smoothing powers.

A gal at my previous salon did one of these treatments on a gal who has Platinum blonde hair, her cuticle is so blown out that it is fuzzy from damage and her natural curl.  The results were incredible. [I know I sound like a paid programming] Chi Enviro eliminates up to 95% of frizz, it all depends on the hair type and if its applied correctly.


I use to be afraid of the smoothing treatments because in beauty school they make them sound so scary and harsh that they can easily break your hair [which is true] except for this one. Lets schedule and appointment to better your hair!

Hair of the Day!

It’s been alittle under a year since I’ve moved to Central Oregon. I have offically started at  a new salon. I started in Bend at a beautiful upscale salon, and decided it was time to move to a salon closer to home. Today was my first day and I have never felt so at home.


I have a hard time remembering this is the same person that sat down in my chair. We still want to add a few more highlights to the top to brighten it just alittle. But goodness her hair turned out phenominal.

Nape color/lowlight: 33/64=4n=10vol
Highlight: 10vol blondor

Before and After





Thats right. This lovely lady came in on Saturday, and decided that she wanted to add some darker lowlights.