Helping hands


Custom Knives by Troy

These beautiful knives are made by my lovely father in law. He does such a wonderful job, he is so crafty. Troy uses unique antlers, special woods, and exotic horns to craft his one of a kind handles on his knifes.




Our go to knives in our hunting pack, are Custom Knives by Troy. We have these knives on our belt while hunting or fishing. They are super sharp and they fit right in the palm of your hand.


This Unique moose antler handle is probably my favorite. I love the different textures, and different shapes of the blades. They are definitely unique and personalized. He spends so much time making sure they are just right.


We had so much fun putting together some scenes and  taking pictures.



The master mind behind “Custom Knives by Troy” hard at work.


And then there is this cutie, working hard helping out!



Custom Knives by Troy is a family affair. We spent the better half of the afternoon preparing his new knives for their trek to The Gilbert House Antique shop in Redmond, one of the many locations these knifes are. Pretty soon we are going to need a whole army to prep these bad boys.