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Boo Merrill:

This lovely hunk is my soon to be husband. We plan to tie the knot in October of 2015. We first met in high school at a bonfire that his best friend and my best friend [Oregon] were having.  It was love at first sight… for him. I had just gotten off work and was still in my uniform [ of course all high school students work somewhere that requires a uniform], hair pulled back in a ponytail [ I was also blonde], and I was tired and wanted nothing to do with him. Oregon introduced me as “Mee” which was my former nickname in softball. Boys will be boys, they heard Meat. So they knew me as Meat, not Meagan or Mee, but Meat. Of course, when you’re young and you see the women/man of your dreams you run home and tell your parents. His parents knew he fell for a blonde girl named Meat, which led to us meeting 5 years later and being introduced as “Meat” from the bonfire in highschool.

Boo and I didn’t start consistently talking again until 2013, where we endured a long distance relationship for 6 months or so. When two hopeless romantics committ to a long distance relationship, a week feels like 10 years apart. Thats when we decided one of us had to make the move, either he left the life hes built since highschool and a phenominal job, or I leave the life I have only ever known and a job that was easily replaceable. It was a hard choice for both of us but after waying the Pro’s and Con’s we decided [with input of family of course] that I moved to Central Oregon to start a brand new life, and a new career.  In June of 2014 he asked me to spend the rest of forever with him, and October of 2014 we celebrated our 1 year of dating eachother. He is my biggest fan, and my bandaid. He has allowed me to flourish and grow, he keeps up right along side me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his support, he has given me the confidence and knowledge that keeps me striving for more. I love you Boo Merrill.

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My Best friend. I can honestly say that no matter what happens or what is said to eachother, we will always find a way back into eachothers lives. We’re completely different but at the same time we are exactly the same. If you were around us together in high school you know we raised hell.  We knew every move the other person made even before it was even made. We went seperate paths for about a year. If you had asked, I wouldn’t of been able to tell you where she worked or if she was still alive. To this day I feel awful about letting something pety get in the way of our friendship, but at the same time, it’s made our relationship the strongest its ever been. When Boo proposed to me, Oregon and I hadn’t spoken in almost a year. Month after Month I debated on if I should call he and tell her, and then one morning Boo and I were talking about the bridal party, he asked me who I wanted as my maid of honor. I couldnt answer him because I wouldnt choose between my two sisters, and there was one person I’d always dreamed of having beside me during that time. So I called Oregon and apologized. That year that we spent apart, we found ourselves and I realized my life wasnt complete without her in it. Thank you Oregon for having my back no matter what happened. Now that I have you back, I wont let you go again. Like I’ve said before, Its like I have a new best friend, one that i’ve never had before. To that year apart, I am thankful for the person its brought back to me! I love you Oregon.



The is my papa bear, I also refer to him on this blog as dad. He is the first man to ever be in my life, and will always be. We may have but heads alot as I was growing up, but he knew I always loved him. He was my softball coach, my trainer and my race car partner. To this day he is a provider for his family, a supporter, and he will always be in our fan club. There was one thing he taught me when I was really little and afraid to go up the stairs in the dark, “When you’re afraid or scared, say “The Lords Prayer” and he will keep you calm and safe.” That has stuck with me, and his advice saved my life. If it wasn’t for that memory popping into my head, I may not of been able to be here today. He saved my life without knowing it. As I’ve grown up, I realize that everything hes done for me has been because he does love me and wants me to be taken care of.  He is my hero, what more can I say. I love you dad.


My 1st best friend. I’ve been able to go to my mom with anything and not have judgement. We have that relationship which allows it. For the longest time I wasnt able to think for myself, I had to have her opinion, and yes it swayed my decision significantly. It still does have an affect on my decision, but not as dramatically. I couldn’t of asked for a better mom, she has shaped me into who I am today. She’s taught me how to cook, to clean, to do laundry and be a good person. Looking back now, if I could go back I wouldn’t of thrown those fits when you made me clean the bathroom, or cook dinner, or vacuum the house. It use to be like Geometry or algebra, when it came to me and cleaning. “WHEN AM I GOING TO EVER USE THIS IN REAL LIFE”. Now, I know, looking back that it was all a character builder and something i’ve taken with me for the rest of my life. I love you mom.


As my First friend in the Central Oregon Area, I have to tell you that I appreciate you! You’ve been there for me when I’ve had no one else. You’ve hung out with me even when I’m lame and boring. I’m excited we get to experience our wedding planning together as well as our future lives with our men. Thank you for pushing me to do things even when I don’t want to! You’ve definitley made the transition alittle bit easier. I do think you don’t play hard enough for how hard to you work! Work hard play harder! I love You Deleone




 Little Bird

My little sister. She is Beautiful, Smart, Witty and uncontrollably talented. I’ve watched you grow Little Bird, into a phenomenal women. I am so excited for the life you are building with Pullman, and I can’t wait to see where you are in 5 years! You’ve grown so much from high school till now. We have a different relationship that not very many understand and I am thankful they don’t! I love you Little Bird.




More to Come later. Stay tuned.

*Yes these are not their real names. They have been changed for the privacy and protection of my family and friends*