My #MancrushEveryday on #MancrushMonday

Happy Monday everyone!!

I’m sure you’ve all seen via Facebook or Instagram people posting pictures on Mondays of their #MancrushMonday (#MCM) or their #MancrushEveryday (#MCE).  The #mancrushmonday tag has become a trend in everyday social media, it is a way for people to recognize their; spouse, boyfriend, crush or even best friend. (Yes women get their day too, except its. Get it? Women Wednesday and Man  Monday.)

Urban Dictionary:

Man Crush Monday– revealing who is your man crush, must be done on monday

i.e; “My man crush is Jesus Christ I’ll go gay for him”

As soon as the #mancrushmonday came into spotlight, it became semi controversial on only recognizing your important man or crush everyday instead of only on mondays thus creating #mancrusheveryday.

Here’s my #mancrusheveryday on #mancrushmonday.


Mr. Boo Merrill

What is there to say about someone who’s way too perfect for words?

We met almost 6 years ago to this date, if you asked me then if i’d be marrying this man I would of told your crazy. He wasn’t my type, I wanted the bad boys that were always in trouble.  He knew at first sight he wanted to marry me, it took me 6 years and a 1st date to know that he was the one. He has such a gentle soul I am completely relaxed whenever he is around me. People say you only have one true soulmate in life, I’ve found mine very young and I am incredibly grateful that God gave us a 2nd chance.  I’m lucky I’m in love with my best. -xoxo