“Pallets of Fun”



After what felt like pulling teeth, my girl DeLeone got me to finally sign up for this pallet making class. I’d been struggling with lack of human contact (outside of work) so DeLeone convinced me to do this with her.

Her words:

“We can learn to make signs for our weddings..”

3 hour long classes on Fridays at 630, okay yes I can do that. 1st week we went and had so much fun we didn’t want to leave. Before class we went to Albertsons got prepackaged containers with cut up celery, carrots, hummus, turkey, cheese and pretzels and hung out before class and ate them as dinner. Class 2 was canceled unfortunatly because of the white flurry stuff that fell and stuck. So Class 3 was a 2 hour class and because DeLeone and I both came from other appointments so we were both running behind, and so she picked up the snacks and we ate while we worked!!



Photocredit: Katie the Class Instructor