Perfect Christmas in the Making,

As we say goodbye to November of 2014, we decorate the house to welcome December with open arms. Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is starting to surface everywhere across the globe! We spent all weekend decorating for the holidays. We put up our 1st Christmas tree together as a couple, in our first home together! _DSC0544a 

As per my family tradition, the man of the house ( usually the father / husband)  puts the star on the top of the tree. Last year, Boo got the privilege of putting the star up at my parents house, this year he got to put the star on his very own tree! To the first of many stars to come!


_DSC0532a sepia


This is DeLeone’s fiance, and He was super excited about putting “The Gingerbread man” up on the tree. I might of heard a few lines exchanged between them.


We had way too much fun garnishing this beautiful tree with ornaments, lights and goodies.

_DSC0573a merge


Growing up in my family, we always had “Bubble Lights” (pictured below), Tinsel, and Translucent multi color c7 Light bulbs. So to keep the tradition alive, Boo and I incorporated all 3 of those traditions into one, while tweaking them just a bit to personalize them to be our own! We are working on combining both family traditions, and who knows in 20 years we might change our routine,


Happy Holidays!!

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