Not very many people I talk to, fully understand the fun and excitement I get when I am given a Pez Dispenser. Its truly an obsession of mine. I’ve slowly started to collect pez around 2012 when we still got them in our Easter basket, christmas stockings, for valentines day and so on and so forth! It all started when I was 19 or 20 and I was walking through Barnes and Noble with my parents and started to just glance around while my dad was looking at coin collecting books. I found a pocket size book that contained Pez Dispensers for generations, along with that, they had their pricing and variations. People think “Its a Candy Dispenser” “Its only a Pez Dispenser”… but to me, its a lot more. I get a thrill from finding the different stem variations, finding a killer deal on them at antique stores, completing sets of them when I can, and I just love them.20150119_190345

I’ve gone on a Inventory spree. I’ve started to inventory all of my pez… oh my gosh… it takes FOREVER!!! I don’t even think I am half way done! Pictured above are pez numbers #198, #199, #200 and #201. As you can see with the Mickey Mouse’s there are so many different variations to many pez dispensers.

I also just recently bought a light kit to be able to photograph mini objects! for $27 cant beat it. It will help with photographing Knives for  Custom Knives by Troy  as well as my Pez. I have only tested one pez dispenser so far. I just got the light kit tonight!!

hulk front hulk

Just a few tester images. I hope to have more soon, I just need to find time to take pictures… but it takes forever!! Time will tell- <3