Spicy Teriyaki Chicken

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4 Boneless Chicken         
2c Teriyaki Sauce
1/4c Hawaiian Sweet and Sour Sauce
1tbsp Sweet Chili Sauce
1tbsp garlic
1tbsp honey
1/2tbsp Maple Syrup
Splash Worcestershire
Onion (desired amount)
Pepper (desired amount)
Pinch Clove
1tsp onion powder 
1 zucchini 
2 large carrots (8 mini carrots)
1/2c Jasmine Rice
1 cup water

In separate bowl mix together Teriyaki sauce, Hawaiian Sweet and Sour, sweet chili sauce, Worcestershire, garlic, honey and maple syrup. Then add onions to let them soak for a few minutes.


Line the pot with boneless chicken, in my case my crock pot fits 4 comfortably.  Turn crock pot onto low. While the raw chicken is in the crock pot, put the dry ingredients like the clove, pepper, and onion powder over the top of the chicken.


Combine the Teriyaki mixture with chicken. Let cook on low for 45 minutes.


Cut up the zucchini and carrots. You can cut them up how you like them. I cubed the zucchini and sliced the carrots into thin rounds.



Put the carrots in the crock pot with the chicken and sauce.  Carrots are harder vegetables, so they take longer to cook down.


After 2 hours of cooking, pull the chicken out and shred on a cutting board with 2 forks.

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Put the chicken back in the sauce, but this time add the zucchini as well and turn the heat back down to low.

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Now its time to make the rice.  Ratio is 2 parts water to one part rice. All rice is different. So make sure to read the directions and follow what the package says.


Since its just Boo and me, I only make half of whats suggested. 1 cup water to 1/2 cup rice. Its perfect for us and most the time we have rice left over for lunch the next day!

20 minutes later you have wonderful rice and you are ready to eat!!