Arizona Here we Come! 

Thank you Sis for the awesome shirts! I know it was last minute but they stole the show today! Everyone loved them! 

Our flight left Portland Airport at 715 which meant a 645am board time… Meaning we had to leave the house at 530. I think I have been sleep deprived all week long. No joke! If we weren’t planning the wedding and doing decorations late I didn’t sleep because of my nerves. I wouldn’t of traded this whole week for the world! 

Our first flight was around 2 hours and 10 minutes and smoother than butter!  We had an hour layover in San Diego. ( thankfully it was an hour) What we found completely awkward and inconvenient, was that we had to go through security again to catch our connecting flight. It was as if we walked in off the streets of San Diego and we’re catching our 1st flight. I never plan to fly out of San Diego again! 


 Our Second flight to Tucson Arizona (our destination) was a smidge rougher and shorter! We grabbed our bags and were out the door headed to Grandma Merrills house! I’ve never been to Arizona so the sights were very new! The cacti and the palm trees all in one.  

Mr. Boo and I spent the afternoon getting some key things to prepare for the road ahead that we couldn’t pack on the flight We got to drive the new addition to our fleet for the first time tonight and man is she perty! The pictures of just her will be soon to come ( sorry for the delay, I’ll just post a few pictures to hold you over).






 Until tomorrow-xoxo