Meet Miss. Paisley

Hey Everyone! I’d like you to meet the newest family member of the Merrill Clan. Her name is Paisley Pie Martin Merrill and she is a lab/heeler mix! We got her at 8 weeks old which puts her birth date around February 22nd. If you know Mr. Boo and I at all, you know our birthdays are the 21st and 23rd of February! Her birthday is just more proof that she belongs with us!

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Above are pictures from our first weekend together! It was opening weekend for fishing and so we brought her a long! She had such a good time I almost felt bad when it was time to go home!


Miss. Paisley loves to play with her toys, she loves to sleep, she loves to eat, she cuddles a lot, and she loves to run. (Like most normal puppies right? haha) At 9 weeks old Miss. Paisley is potty trained, she responds to “NO” and “COME”, she sits,50% of the time she shakes and she is learning to love her kennel! We couldn’t be more proud of Miss. Paisley and how far she has already come, we are so excited to see her progress in another 2 weeks or so!!


Everyone makes fun of me for the “first time parent syndrome”. It is true, I never really had a dog growing up! I’ve grown up with cats but they are so different they aren’t even in the same category! I have had cats that had died so little that it traumatized me and made me super paranoid. So I am doing the best I can to let her be herself!

Till next time-xoxo