Hair of the day!

Who doesn’t love the beautiful and highly popular ombré?I know I do! I love when a client sits in my chair shows me a picture and says “go for it”. I have this one client who always wants something new and different (she is in previous hair posts), this time she sat down and said “I want darker on top and lighter on the bottom” That is something I can do!  

 Taking her base a full shade darker and her ends a shade lighter created the dramatic look she was wanting. We added olaplex to the bleach so we could overlap her previously lightened hair to get the lift we needed. 

   This sweetheart came in with golden blonde hair and wanted more neautral colors. We used 3 different shades of blonde to create this multi dimensional look. 

When she first came in, I couldn’t quite figure out where I’d seen her. After raddling off different locations she’s worked we found where I’d met her, the local bar around the corner. 

All-in-all I had a great day! I met new people, caught up with friends and did hair. What more could a girl ask for? 

My 6 Must Have Cosmetics for Fall


The leaves are changing, the scarves are coming out of hiding, and the sweaters are making their way out from the back of the closet. With the season change, colors change. Put the pinks away and the bright corrals and bring out the plums, mauves, and browns. I put together my top favorites of fall.

_DSC0455You always have to start with a great foundation. I love full coverage, but I also dont like spending $100 dollars on make up that I will need to purchase again in 1 month. Revlon’s Color stay 24 hours is the smoothest, longlasting liquid foundation I’ve found that doesn’t clog my pores. Loreals True Match Mineral powder gives a flawless finish and eliminates any shine you have that’s enhanced by liquid foundation. #110 Ivory is my Revlon color and light ivory w1-2/458 is my loreal mineral powder color.


Next on my must haves, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Greed, and Essence Eyebrow designer #4 blonde.

Urban Decay Greed Eyeshadow Primer is a beautiful gold shimmer tint. It lasts forever, I’ve had this one tube about 3 years now so it is well worth the investment. Its not one of those $3 or $6 tubes of sticky thick goop they call eyeshadow. I’ve never had luck with any other brand, the others crease and they clump and your eyelids stick everytime you blink. Essence Eyebrow pencil is the best eyebrow pencil that i’ve found that doesnt smear or fade throughout the day and the perk is its under $5. Sometimes I take alittle bit of a dark red eyeshadow and put it over the top to match the color of my hair.

younique fiber mascara

Youniques Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes is my 5th favorite thing in my Make-up bag. It is a two step process and adds 15-20 minutes onto my routine (only because I’m a perfectionist). 1st you put a thin layer of regular mascara on your lashes and then take the transplanting gel and do a layer and before that dries put the fibers on  then follow that with another coat of transplanting gel. The trick is to do one eye at a time letting each layer dry.

Before: (Without Moonstruck 3D fiber lashes but with mascara)



After:(With Moonstruck 3D Fiberlashes)



The awesome thing, is that you get the Falsie Lashes look but without the sticky glue.

Creme lipstick revlon

The last but not least must have list, Revlons Super Lusturous Creme #671 Mink. I have fallen inlove all over again, with this lipstick.


 Welcome back fall, We’ve missed you!