Hair of the Day!


I got to meet the sister of a lovely client of mine. They both came in for haircuts and we had so much fun. This beautiful mother hadn’t had her haircut in a long time and was definitely in need of a change! We took off 6-8 inches, shaping her hair into the “Lob”(see post The 10 best Bobs and Lobs of Hollywood!) I did a full razor cut to reduce visible lines, create texture and movement.





This gentle soul came to me with brassy, orange, platinum and golden colors through her hair. She had previously tried red hair, she then decided she wanted to go back to her normal blonde. In the process of trying to remove the color herself  she decided that it was best to get some help! So we decided to start with a clean slate! We gave her a light brown base and with a low peroxide we created some highlights around her face!





This Peach is the best friend of one of my good friends, you may remember her in previous posts! Each time we do her hair, she continually wants change. This time we took her dramatically shorter!! She was also the inspiration to the haircut earlier in this post!


The 10 best Bobs and Lobs of Hollywood!

The timeless classic hairstyles like the bobs and Lobs (Longer Bobs) have made their way back into the Hollywood Spot light! The go to hairstyle nation wide. Here are my top 10 favorite this year! 



Emma Stone- Sporting a super cute and very trendy bob great for all hair types. With long layers and a side swept bang, she brings chic back in a short way. I love the way the length compliments her jaw bone.


Emma Roberts- Rocking a sleek side part bob!


Ginnifer Goodwin- With her Chin length bob and a deep part she proves that those with round faces can pull off anything. With a deep part, it changes the focal point of the face and adding texture camouflages the effect of a super round face.


Gwyneth Paltrow- Rocking the Middle part with her “Long Bob”. Adding messy curls to thinner hair gives the body and volume.  For those of us who want to go shorter but don’t want anything over the collarbone!


January Jones- Bringing the basic ombre to a textured lob. Keeping the nape length right around her shoulders and the front strands dusting her collar bones. This style creates life and body without feeling like you have super short hair.


Ciara- She is sporting the most versatile lob. This lob allows you to part your hair however you decide. For those that don’t have a specific side they like to part on but what to loose some length here is a great style.


Kerry Washington- Bangs and a textured lob.


Naomi Campbell- Adding bangs for a more modern look to her sleek lob.


Rihanna- Sporting a lob in a beautiful red. Adding texture and movement creates a stylish bouncy look.


Scarlett Johanson- With a textured bob, She can pull off a side flip and messy beach waves.