Hair of the day!

Who doesn’t love the beautiful and highly popular ombré?I know I do! I love when a client sits in my chair shows me a picture and says “go for it”. I have this one client who always wants something new and different (she is in previous hair posts), this time she sat down and said “I want darker on top and lighter on the bottom” That is something I can do!  

 Taking her base a full shade darker and her ends a shade lighter created the dramatic look she was wanting. We added olaplex to the bleach so we could overlap her previously lightened hair to get the lift we needed. 

   This sweetheart came in with golden blonde hair and wanted more neautral colors. We used 3 different shades of blonde to create this multi dimensional look. 

When she first came in, I couldn’t quite figure out where I’d seen her. After raddling off different locations she’s worked we found where I’d met her, the local bar around the corner. 

All-in-all I had a great day! I met new people, caught up with friends and did hair. What more could a girl ask for? 

Hair of the Day!


I got to meet the sister of a lovely client of mine. They both came in for haircuts and we had so much fun. This beautiful mother hadn’t had her haircut in a long time and was definitely in need of a change! We took off 6-8 inches, shaping her hair into the “Lob”(see post The 10 best Bobs and Lobs of Hollywood!) I did a full razor cut to reduce visible lines, create texture and movement.





This gentle soul came to me with brassy, orange, platinum and golden colors through her hair. She had previously tried red hair, she then decided she wanted to go back to her normal blonde. In the process of trying to remove the color herself  she decided that it was best to get some help! So we decided to start with a clean slate! We gave her a light brown base and with a low peroxide we created some highlights around her face!





This Peach is the best friend of one of my good friends, you may remember her in previous posts! Each time we do her hair, she continually wants change. This time we took her dramatically shorter!! She was also the inspiration to the haircut earlier in this post!


Hair of the Day!

This darling young women and I met at our local Red Robin! She had been trying and trying to get a beautiful red for sometime so when she saw my hair she knew she needed to come see me.



We achieved this look in 3 different steps. She came in to my salon with a level 4 box color so of course I had to remove that. Once that was light enough we did the base color down strand and met it with balyage to create the “ombre? Effect. After going home and playing with it, she decided it was way too light so she came back the next day and we did another round of the double pigment reds from Wella.

Before and After:


Hair of the day!


I got to meet this lovely mother of 3 boys today!! After getting really sick and recovering, she wanted a change.  We wanted a violet hue to a more natural color as well as adding fun reds around the face!!

Before and After:



Hair of the day!

I will be the first to admit, that I had a very eventful day.  Who’s complaining though!! I am going to do something a little bit different with today’s post!



This lovely gal, is a return client and you may remember her first appointment with me.

Before and After:



The first image is 5 weeks fade/grow out. For a first time red, this is almost unheard of!



My next client was just a Shampoo style, but just like the first one, she allowed me to use my creativity. Not very often, do you have clients come into the salon that you can do a pin-curl wet set.

Before and After:




We had such a good time. It’s hard to feel like you’re working when you are having this much fun.

Before and After:


This guy is always a blast to have in my chair.


I love seeing the before and after, surprisingly this is only 5 week grow-out! PhotoGrid_1418611908122


This lovely lady, was such  a great conversation. We just yapped and yapped. It makes your day go by so much faster when you have wonderful clients as stylist. But as a client, its wonderful when you have a great connection with you’re stylist.


She wanted something very easy and messy. So that all she has to do is blow dry and go or give it a spray to refresh.  PhotoGrid_1418611748019


This was the hair to end the day!! It may of taken me a little bit longer then we wanted, but she got exactly what she wanted. She came in a little hesitant, and didn’t expect to feel the way she felt when she left!!

We did a 2 color full weave and a cut and style. She came in with hair so dry, that it was unruly and frizzy. It is crazy how you’re hair feels so “dead” “damaged” and how it breaks just by being too dry!! Moisture Moisture Moisture will be you’re best friend especially in Central Oregon even Central Washington. My suggestion is Redken’s Diamond Oil.

This lovely lady saw the transformation that a little bit of  Diamond Oil can do to very dry hair! She started thinking we needed to take off 5″ but in reality, once we got moisture on her ends we only needed to take off 1″.

Before and After:



This is one of my favorite transformations so far!! PhotoGrid_1418611402665 ‘


We had so much fun, it felt like i’d known her my whole life. In reality, I’d only known her for 3 hours!! PhotoGrid_1418611487065


Its so wonderful when as a Hair stylist, I have days like I had today! Everyone I saw today was so wonderful and made a very busy day so joyful!! Thank you so much to everyone I saw today for being lovely and very warm and happy!




Hair of the Day!



This very sophisticated women, wanted to add some red to her brown!!  It was a pleasure to get to do her hair at the last minute. After coloring her hair for the past 6 years herself, she branched out to let someone else do her hair! We are in the process of inverting her previous haircut into a “LOB”.  (The red in her hair is a lot brighter then the picture shows)

Base: 5/71=20vol +greydrops
Ends: Left over of base color with cellophane added 
Lowlight: 55/46 = 30vol


Before and After:





Hair of the Day!

I’ve heard nothing but story after story of this beautiful soul! You dont run into very many people who are just so sweet and genuine all the way to the core. A very close friend of my mother inlaw came and gave me a visit today! She has had a run in life and is still a very wonderful woman. With her moving here in the new year, I feel like I will finally have some family close by! Its wonderful when you get along that well.



15 vol blondor
Toner: 1oz clear Shades
 1/4oz 9v Shades

Before and After:



Hair of the Day!



This lovely Highschool teacher is in the process of growing her previous “Pixie Cut” out!! After doing her mother inlaw’s hair, we’ve found that it really is a small world. Our husbands work together!

1. 10 vol Blondor
2. 7/0 = /33 = 10vol
3. 5/46 = 10vol

Before and After:




Hair of the Day!


This sweet girl has such a big heart and is so full of life! I can’t wait to see where her life take her!

We took a good 5 inches off in length and brought her a few shades lighter.

30vol blondor w/olaplex (Midstrand to end)
7/1 = 4vol all over

Before and After: