Transfer Print to Chalkboard!

What you need:

  • Chalkboard ( I used a chalkboard picture frame that was made for me from my sister)
  • Chalk
  • Printed saying
  • Eraser or end of Pen



I downloaded Janda Stylish Script from 48 Free Wedding Fonts and entered it into my font dictionary on my computer. I also used the Janda style script for the “But first”  and Bernard Mt Condensed for “coffee”. I printed out two different sizes to decide which one fit the chalkboard better!!


I then taped the print to the window so that I can see the back! Then I took a blue and green piece of chalk and traced very carefully so that I didn’t get chalk to far out of the lines.


I then taped the traced paper chalk side down and took the end of a ballpoint pen (the clicker side so that I didn’t right into the chalkboard) and traced the lettering. Tracing the lettering pushes the chalk onto the chalkboard acting as a transfer.




As you can see I didn’t fully trace the coffee lettering but I did outline the edges so that I can just go back in with chalk over the trace and fill in any gaps or retrace to darken the print and make it more noticeable



This picture I retraced the “But first” and outlined “coffee”.


I created a little coffee space with a few things I already had around the house! The teal serving tray and matching mugs (that came with my dishes set from Ross) and the repurposed chalkboard sign!! What a great cheap way to transform counter space!