Why I Love #Hashtag (You should too!)

For those of you that don’t understand this whole #MancrushMonday or #Mancrusheveryday i’ll explain it as much as I can. First lets talk about the Hashtag or the # sign. Wikipedia calls the Hashtag (or pound sign) “A label or Media data tag which makes it easier for users to find specific themes or content.” If you aren’t big into the social media either it be Facebook, Instagram, twitter ,tumbler and you don’t blog the Hashtag merely will look like a pound simple with words or phrases behind it maybe even a grammatical error.  Acting as a Categorizing and organizing system, when a hashtag is used it links together all of the photos or phrases where the tag is used. Here is an example.


Notice that all of the hashtags at the bottom are highlighted blue. When hash-tagging it creates a link to that certain tag. When looking at my instagram all of my hair photos have the #sheerglamor and the #hipchickssalon hashtags(pictured above). If I wanted to see more work from Hip Chicks salon I would click on the hashtag #hipchickssalon and see all posts that are tagged the same. (pictured below).



I am the only one who really uses social media to promote my work at the salon, there are a few gals who do a little but not as extensive as I do. When you click the Hip Chicks Salon hashtag you will mainly see my work with a few others trickled in and out ( I am working on getting them too post more work). The hashtag makes it easier to see related posts.

There are many people that “don’t like” the hashtag or think it’s stupid. I honestly think those people; 1. don’t understand it 2. think its another social media fad or 3. hate social media all together.  I use to think the hashtag was ridiculous and it didn’t make sense but since being a part of the fashion industry I realized how powerful of a tool it can be. As a business owner, social media and the hashtag system have helped showcase my work and allowed me to expand my business and reach out to more clientele.

-#hatersgunnahate xoxo